Monday, July 4, 2016

Letter #104 7-4-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!
Well, my second to last week here in the mission and we got T-boned this week!! It was at an intersection with no stop or yield signs.  We were already in the intersection and a woman hit the back passenger side, so my side, and it spun us around and the other side of the car hit a poll, but we were all ok. But ya it was crazy.

Well this week I found out there will be no temple trip before I return home because the Denver Temple is closed:( So I would just say when we come for the Fort Collins open house in a month that we can do a session then.  There is a family who moved to Denver during my mission, so possibly we will be able to see them as well. 

Obviously we have had no car this week and it has been a hard week. I feel like the Lord has been testing my diligence in the work. Just with a lot of things coming and circumstances that aren’t appropriate to talk about over an email.  Nothing bad has happen, just not meant for my email home. I have just been praying for strength to finish strong and do what needs to be done in a loving way.

 Well we did see A_ this week and it was all about temples and eternal marriage which she can not wait for that day to happen and be able to go into the Temple, I’m so excited for her too.

Well hope you all have a good week.

Much love

Elder Urry


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