Monday, June 13, 2016

Letter #101 6-13-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!! 

Holy Cow!! Time is just getting faster and faster as I get closer to coming home. I mean this week we have zone conference and that will be saying goodbye to President Brown cause he is going home on the 1st of July which is 2 weeks from Friday.  I will also be giving my departing testimony at zone conference cause that is what you do at your last one. The entire mission and trainings are helping prepare for the new mission president who will take over on the 1st of July. So some crazy things going on and lots of excitement as well as sadness in the mission with President Brown going home. But change is always good. Also the Delcamp family in the ward here have signed up for my birthday dinner. If you are sending anything for my birthday send it there and mom you can text her and ask for their address.

So yesterday in church this quote stuck out to me...    "A good friend will accept you the way you are but never leave you the way he found you." And it made me think a lot about true friends for all of us. The last part, never leave you the way they found you, well we need to think about that when we pick our friends in life.  When we pick our closest friends will they make you become a better person or not. Now this does not mean to think you are better than everyone in life and no one can help you become better cause we can improve everyday.
What this is saying to me is will your friends help you improve or will it be just up to you to improve or will they try to drag you down. We all want to become better and we can't do it on our own we need friends and family who will lift us up so we can become better. We also need to help lift others as well cause when you do that you will also become better in life. I feel we all do the most growing when we don't think about ourselves and we turn outward to others. I would invite you all to watch the Mormon message LIFT it talks about turning outward and how that helps us.

Well this week we had another lesson with A_ and we talked a lot about change and how every one can change and have a change of heart. She said she does not think her boyfriend will ever change and want to get married or start coming back to church. So I felt to go to Alma 32:27-30 and I asked her the 1st day we knocked on your door how did you feel about the church? She said "there is no way I would ever join." Then I said what do you think now? She said "I want to be baptized and I know it is true." Then i felt to ask when we 1st talked how did you feel about ever marrying S_, her boyfriend? She said "H...LL NO I never wanted to marry again!" Then I asked her, how do you feel now, she said "I want to be married to him for eternity in the temple." 
After that we talked about this scripture and how there has been a seed planted in her heart and how it is growing, her heart has been changing as she has been coming closer to Christ in faith. Then I asked her why couldn’t this happen with S_ over time? And then I said, “out of every person you will meet you will have the biggest impacted on him as you share and set the example for him and share what you have been learning and feeling.  As you do this you will hit a spark that helps him remember what he used to feel and have when he was going to church and reading and things.” So it was amazing and we invited her to start sharing things more with him and what she is feeling and going through right now.

Well hope you all have a good week!
Much love
Elder Urry

Also mom the Delcamp’s were asking what I wanted for my birthday dinner and I could not remember what it was called but it had green beans and bacon in it we had it on Sunday's a lot... What is it called and could you send me the recipe so she can make it?

 Huge Rain Storms over Nebraska
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