Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Letter #95 5-2-2016 Gering Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!

So J_ is based at Fort Sill, it just depends on what pluton A_ will be in. J_ said he will let me know as soon as he knows, so good luck to A_ and hope all goes well with you!! 
Well Sunday I am calling around 3 pm that is the best time i could do. I tried 4 but that won't work so hopefully that works for everyone. The family home we are Skyping at is the K_ family. 
By the way non of you will believe me but last week I was thinking about John Jones as my guess as the new Bishop, and looks like I was right. But that is way cool for him! Who the Lord calls He will qualify and that goes for both of the these two men with their new callings. So also if BYU goes to plays offs what is the latest game? I am guessing there is no chance of me seeing Eric play?

Well another week has flown by. We had another good lesson with A_ she is doing great we are just working with her on what she is feeling cause she knows she is feeling something but she just thinks it is her being emotional but what she feels on the inside and the way she tells us sounds a lot like the spirit. Also this week we went over to a part member family's home to help them with their yard and we had a great conversation with the husband he is not a member. As we have been able to help him we learned he is a firemen and black hock medic for the Army. I was doing some thinking of a way to bring a conversation on the gospel up with him. During church last Sunday I was just thinking about that a lot and just thought of asking him "I am sure you have seen people pass away or close to death in your job, how do you deal with that I mean what do you think will happen to them when they die?" And that led into a deep conversation of a bunch of things and just what we believe and what he believes in. But it was a great conversation.

Steven thanks for the email I am excited to meet Trisha man congrats. 

Time is flying and I love it out here. It's been hard and I don't think I would go back and start over but the things I have learned I would not traded for anything! I feel up to this point I have done what the Lord wants me to but I have some more time left and it will go fast.

Much love
Elder Urry

Ps mom Elder Torres my first comp in the mission field emailed me this week and asked when my home coming talk is. He wants to come and if there will be a home coming party or something. I told him I did not know but would find out and let him know.

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