Monday, April 18, 2016

Letter #93 4-18-2016 Gering Nebraska

Hey Everyone!
 Well it is that time again transfers are tomorrow.  Elder Wilwand is leaving and going to Longmont Colorado. And I am staying for another transfer here so I am happy about that! This is where I will be calling home from on Mother’s Day. And I hope I stay here one more after this transfer and just finish my mission out here cause that would be hard to get sent to an area and be there for one transfer, I would not get to know many people there. So I do hope I finish here. Well my new comp is Elder Navarro he gets here tomorrow.
 Well this week was really good. We have been working with a 10 year old boy named E_ for the past two months and he is ready for baptism, but the ward wants support from his mom who is a member.  She is a hard worker and is doing all she can to earn enough money to support her family... work, work, work.. but because of that she is never able to come to church. So the next time we can see her we are going to invite her to come to church or make some time for that, to show her son the importance of coming. The ward does not want E_, in two or three years to just go Less Active which could happen with no support from his parents. So we are going to work with E_ still but try to work with his mom more too. 
Well this week we also had exchanges with the Zone Leaders so I went to that area for a day and man there is so much work a Zone Leader has to do, so much extra little things you have to do that is just running the mission and taking care of problems that missionary's have or are causing, and a lot of meetings and very little time to do missionary work.
 We also are working with a part member family named the B_ and they are so much fun to see and visit with. This week we talked about the temple open house and inviting them to go to it. They want to but don't know if it will happen or not. So I am thinking when we come back for the Open House of the Temple, there are a few family's I would like to invite to go through with us while we are there cause that would be a lot of fun. 1 to see them again and 2 to go through the temple with them.

 Also to end I don't now if you guys remember me talking about F_ and L_ from Laramie but L_ and here daughter are going to Arizona in May like around the 12th but F_ won't make it. She ask if they could stop by and see my family since they would be ones I would take you to meet when I brought you back here. So mom I gave her your phone number so if she still wants to she can get in contact with you and see if there is a time you could meet up.

Well this past weekend was stake conference and I want to share something the stake president shared during conference. So this weekend Elder Evanston came and was staying with our Stake Presidents family and speaking in conference. Elder Evanston and our stake president are avid runners, both have run many marathons. Last year our stake presidents wife ran in the Boston Marathon, it was 30-40 degrees outside and raining the entire time.  While she was running she stepped in a big puddle and got here feet very wet.  But while running she also said how amazing the sites were as she was going by in the race. And our stake president then said if we are always looking down and worrying about our wet feet and the puddles, we will miss looking up through the rain and seeing the Savior.

Now I will add what I got from this, when we look ahead and be positive it is easier to follow the Savior than when we are always looking down.  By looking towards Him we will be able to reach our destination.

Much Love

Elder Urry

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