Monday, April 4, 2016

Letter #91 4-4-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!

Well hope you all enjoyed conference this week. One of my favorite talks was was Elder Waddell, here are some the thinks I got out of his talk.

 - When our mind is on the Savior Jesus Christ we can get through all things and have peace in our lives.

- Just like Peter in the bible when he walked on water he was fine till he looked away and looked at the sea then he fell.  When we do no have our eye single to the glory of God we can sink very fast or if we are not holding on to the iron rod.

- Learn from the Savior

- Then when we learn from Jesus Christ there is no one better to learn from than the one who set the path for us on this earth.
Listen to the Savior / it is our choice to listen...

- We have a choice whether we follow Him or not, we are the ones who let Him into our lives. He loves us and will help us in all things if we accept Him into our lives.

- To walk with the Savior/ is a invitation to be at peace.

I have no time! I have to go so this is what I wanted to write to all of you.

Much love
Elder Urry

We are always full time servants of the Lord!!

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