Monday, March 28, 2016

Letter #90 3-28-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!

Holy Cow Philip is home that is crazy!!!!!! Well this week we had a baptism with our 2 investigators that are doing so well. It was a cool experience to be on the other side instead of being baptized I was ask to baptize one of them and my comp baptized the other. There names are M_ and  R_, R_ is the mom.

 Well I forgot to tell you guys this a few weeks ago but as you know me and my comp do service at the Zoo ever Tuesday, well about two weeks ago we were in feeding the cats. They have a male tiger that they got about 2 months ago, after setting the 15 lbs. of food down we just left the cage.  He walked in finish eating it, meanwhile we are standing right next to the cage watching him. Cats are known for spraying their urine and sometimes they do it at people.  Well I saw he was about to spray my companion,  and I was like "Elder watch out he is going to spray" and my comp was like,  “what?" And then he got sprayed by a tiger!!! YIKES.... hahaha it was kinda funny to be honest. So he did service the rest of the day with tiger pee on his cloths but that is what happens sometimes doing service or working at the zoo.

 Well this week the Gering and Scottsbluff  missionary's had to speak in our ward, The Chimney Rock ward for Easter Sunday. We all spoke on the Resurrection and the Atonement. It went really well and was a good meeting. Mom did you get a photo a sister took in our ward and she was going to send it to you?

Much Love

Elder Urry
Easter in Gering

Monday, March 21, 2016

Letter #89 3-21-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!

1st off mom I would invite you to read and study and then share with them a talk, called “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox, I think that would help them a lot.

But this week has been fun we have a baptism coming up this Saturday. A mom and a daughter, it is the S_ family and they called us like 6 weeks ago and told us they took the missionary discussions 2 years ago. Some things happened and they were not able to meet with missionary's so they wanted to start it up again. We said we would meet with them and I tell you what you want to say someone the Lord made ready well these people were made ready like they have so much faith it is crazy.

This week we had zone conference with our zone and Laramie zone and that was all on Repentance, Change and the Atonement, it was really powerful, everyone was involved and President had people share their favorite scripture. if they wanted, with everyone there and mine was Alma 5: 32-34. It’s one of my favorites because it shows just how the Lords arms are extended out to all of us and if we will reach out He will pull us up and embrace us. He want us to return.

Much love
Elder Urry
So a missionary out here found this and wanted to share it with me, it

is pretty cool...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Letter #88 3-14-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well another week has come and gone it is been a good week for us. This week we were meeting with our investigator who is on date for baptism on the 26th of March. Last time we visited with her we invited her to read Alma 32 and then we came back to see her, she is like that was so cool I read and I found my Book of Mormon a friend
gave me a long time ago and like this was the chapter in that copy of the Book of Mormon she told me to read when she gave it to me and you give me the same chapter like 2 years later and she thought that was so cool. We just told her that was all the spirit cause He knows what we need to hear all the time. But it is our choice to do what He directs us to do.

 But also this morning I was reading a talk from last general conference and something that stuck out to me was this:

“Brothers and sisters, living the gospel doesn’t need to be complicated.
It is really straightforward. It could be described like this:

Hearing the word of God with earnest intent leads us to believe in God and to trust His promises. The more we trust God, the more our hearts are filled with love for Him and for each other. Because of our love for God, we desire to follow Him and bring our
actions in alignment with His word. Because we love God, we want to serve Him; we want to bless the lives of others and help the poor and the needy. The more we walk in this path of discipleship, the more we desire to learn the word of God.”

We don't need to make things harder than it is, he also said this...

“First: are we making our discipleship too complicated?
This beautiful gospel is so simple a child can grasp it, yet so profound and complex that it will take a lifetime--even an eternity--of study and discovery to fully understand it.”

So we don't need to add things to make life harder life is already hard enough and we don't need to know everything like all we need is:

-faith in Jesus Christ
- atonement
- spirt
- enduring to the end

Now when I say faith in Jesus Christ I don't mean just believe in Him... Faith and believing are 2 different things, let me explain.  As you have heard faith is a action word so when we have faith we do what He asks to the best of our ability meaning giving it our all in going to church read scriptures and praying and using the Atonement, also, His Grace which we are saved by when we act and make it sufficient by repenting of our mistakes. But do we let what he has done Change us?

Love, Elder Urry

Monday, March 7, 2016

Letter #87 3-7-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!

Ok, so Eric sound like you are having a great year so far. So tell you what, First, keep it up haha, Second, get drafted and sign a one year deal so I can see you play again, then you can retire!!

Also mom, I know you want to go on the trek but if you are not up to it, or that is a high chance of that happening don't go. Delegate that to some one else, I know they will understand. Trust me no one wants to see that happen, let others help ya if your not feeling good. One thing I have learned on my mission is humility and, yes, we all know you are humble and loving and want to serve others but another part is letting others serve you. This is one of the hardest things for almost everyone to do. We all think we will be fine, it is ok I can do it, when in fact it takes the most humility to sit back and say, “right now I do need some help”. People are offering to help so we can let them, and there will be blessing on both sides. First, you having time to get better and second, those who help will have a chance to serve their fellow men/women. 
I have been on both sides of things like this on my mission and people say what they mean. I remember in Laramie one time there was a member named Brother W_ who told us "hey Elders if you ever do not have a meal call me and let me know, me and my family will feed you." I said ok thank you. Then the time came where we did not have a meal one night and I was like, “I don't want to intrude, he is building a house for his family and has a deadline for a construction loan to meet or he will lose the house.” But he found out later and he was fairly mad at us and was telling me this same thing, like when we serve others, blessing come and we take those blessings away when we say, “we got it, but thanks”, even when our intent is good.

But anyways this week I have been reading in Alma 56-59. I love Helaman and Moroni, they are great leaders and their faith is crazy with how much they trust in the Lord. For example here in Alma 58: 33&41... 33 “But behold, we trust in our God who has given us victory over those lands, insomuch that we have obtained those cities and those lands, which were our own.”

41 “And now, my beloved brother, Moroni, may the Lord our God, who has redeemed us and made us free, keep you continually in His presence; yea, and may He favor this people, even that ye may have success in obtaining the possession of all that which the Lamanites have taken from us, which was for our support. And now, behold, I close mine epistle. I am Helaman, the son of Alma.”

That is one thing we have to remember, the Lord’s will is going to be done whether with you or with out you. It is up to us what kind of tool we will be, an uncharged power drill or a fully charge one that works very well. We all know when a power drill goes bad we can find another one and that is the same with Christ, if you will not follow His will for what He wants you to do He will go find someone who will. So be that good tool for Him.

Much love Elder Urry