Monday, February 15, 2016

Letter #84 2-15-2016 Gering Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!!
Well it sounds like a good past 2 weeks sorry about last week my iPad was really dumb. Well happy early birthday dad what is it 65 or 70 now haha just kidding!!

Well the Chili was good mom. So there is a story behind that though. So we get all the stuff for the chili but that last thing we could not find and that was the green chili's so
someone took us to them and I just grabbed a can and we left and went to L_. 
We made the White Chili and it all looked good and then I tried it and it was super hot so I went back and looked at everything I put in and instead of green chili's I grabbed 4oz jalapeƱos and so it was very hot.

 So cool thing happen this week we had all of our appointments fall through on Saturday and that is not the cool part that part sucks on days like that but then we had this prompting to go see a less active named LB_. We drove out and when we got there and she said I just got up from praying that someone would come that could give me a blessing and then you guys show up. So that was really cool.
So the Lord answered her prayers that day and it was through us that He did it!   That was kinda cool I think.

 So mom in July when you and who ever it is comes and picks me up we might be going to an MMA fight cause a member I know is a MMA fighter and he will have one here in town around that time I am hoping after so we can go but ya hahaha.

Much Love Elder Urry

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