Monday, February 29, 2016

Letter #86 2-29-2016 Gering Nebraska

Hey everyone!!
Well I am staying with my comp in the same area for another transfer. This transfer will be 7 weeks instead of 6 weeks starting Tomorrow. Everyone speaking English will be staying in the MTC 3 weeks now so this transfer is one week longer than the normal 6 week transfer. Sorry for the late letter today we went and hiked the bluffs here which was a lot of fun!!

So this week we did have a miracle happen to us... So we were visiting a less active family, the S_ a great family, they are an older couple, and I expect we will be doing service out at their place sometime this week. But while we were out there a phone call came to our cell phone.  We didn’t pick up but then it came through again, so we asked if we could take it and they said "ya go a head". 

We picked up and it was a lady on the other end. She started to talk to us about how she met with missionary's like 2 years ago and how she was so close to being baptized.   She ended up going through a divorce and the missionaries lost contact with her.  Somehow she got our number and called us and asked if we could meet that day.  We set up the appointment at 2:30 and she was so excited to meet with us. We went to her home and visited with her for a while and just as we were ending the conversation she said, “I want to be baptized what can I do to get there?” We set a date right then and another appointment to meet, and then invited her to church and she came. 
She was participating in the Sunday School class and answering a lot of the questions in one of the classes. It was so great to see someone with such excitement wanting to learn and to know more.

We'll hope all is well and have a great week!! Miss y'all!!


Elder Urry

Monday, February 22, 2016

Letter #85 2-22-2016 Gering Nebraska

Hey everyone!!!!!!

Well if finally happened congrats Steve!!! (Steve Got engaged this past week!, July 15th Date has been set). Well that worked perfect the date of the wedding actually because this week we got the news on the Temple and the open house is August 19, 2016-September 10, 2016.  I was hoping to bring whoever comes during that time and then that gives me time to set things up to go visit people and then we also can go do some fun things you can't do as a missionary. Haha. That would be the most fun I think but if that does not work out, there is only about a 4 month span were it would be safe to drive around my mission which by the way that is a LOT of miles soooo idk if a rental car is the best idea haha. But ya we will talk about that another time.

So really the big news is the temple this week to be honest.  I was sad to hear I was going to miss it by a month, but if we are able to come up that would be great! The dedication is in October on the 16th that would be cool to go to as well but I would have no idea how and with school that would be hard.

 So this week was a good week. And L_ had us over again for dinner but this time he cooked, he calls it “L_ surprise”. hahaha but it was really good. Dad, he said he would love to meet you because he was in the Air Force and always had a dream to fly but never got the chance. He was an Air Traffic Controller but at that time they had no towers so he can explain it better.  

Well this week we did find a new investigator with a members help.  When we met with him in his house the spirit was soooooo strong it was crazy like it was one of the strongest I have felt. The lesson was on the priesthood because that was where his concern was and how we get it so it lead to the restoration.

Well transfers are Tuesday March 1 so we will find out what happens I think I will stay my comp has been here 3 transfers now. But hope y'all have a great week!!

Much love
Elder Urry

Ps who are they playing? (Reference to Eric’s Baseball Game)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Letter #84 2-15-2016 Gering Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!!
Well it sounds like a good past 2 weeks sorry about last week my iPad was really dumb. Well happy early birthday dad what is it 65 or 70 now haha just kidding!!

Well the Chili was good mom. So there is a story behind that though. So we get all the stuff for the chili but that last thing we could not find and that was the green chili's so
someone took us to them and I just grabbed a can and we left and went to L_. 
We made the White Chili and it all looked good and then I tried it and it was super hot so I went back and looked at everything I put in and instead of green chili's I grabbed 4oz jalapeƱos and so it was very hot.

 So cool thing happen this week we had all of our appointments fall through on Saturday and that is not the cool part that part sucks on days like that but then we had this prompting to go see a less active named LB_. We drove out and when we got there and she said I just got up from praying that someone would come that could give me a blessing and then you guys show up. So that was really cool.
So the Lord answered her prayers that day and it was through us that He did it!   That was kinda cool I think.

 So mom in July when you and who ever it is comes and picks me up we might be going to an MMA fight cause a member I know is a MMA fighter and he will have one here in town around that time I am hoping after so we can go but ya hahaha.

Much Love Elder Urry

Monday, February 8, 2016

Letter #83 2-8-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Email not working very well on iPad send one next week when I fix it!  Sorry!!

Lover Elder Urry

Monday, February 1, 2016

Letter #82 2-1-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey everyone!!
Hope all is well back at home with all of you! 

Well this week has been a week of thinking and appreciating.  With all the people we have been seeing and the past they have gone through and what they still are going through, it has made me think alot. I’ve been thinking alot about gratitude and how lucky all of us are, how lucky I am.  I am thankful for the family that I do have and things that I take for granted day in and day out. 

We all think, “ya this and that would be terrible to go through our ya that would really (stink) (sorry Dad haha!).. to go through or ya that won't happen to me”. 
Well in my mission I have met so many people from so many walks of life and they have told me about their past and I don't know why either.  We just get talking and they will just open open to me and a lot of the time my heart just aches for them and the only thing I can share is what the spirit tells me to share. 
I have no idea how to deal with some of the things they go through and most of the time they just need a friend, a true friend to talk with.  A lot of people I have met did or do not have many true friends and some one they can trust, maybe it’s the badge we wear, with the Savior’s name on it, but that’s what we try to do, is to just be there for them and listen. 
But the best friend we all can have is the Savior Jesus Christ. And He can help us the most cause He knows us perfectly and how to help us.

Well it is snowing like crazy here and it has been going all day long. But on Friday a member owns a restaurant here in town and got us a free dinner and it was a lot of food and was really good!!!

Well hope you all have a good week.

Love Elder Urry

Ps mom can you please send the recipe for White Chili to me, cause me and my companion are going to be making a dinner with an investigator here on Wednesday.