Monday, January 11, 2016

Letter #79 1-11-2016 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!

Well looks like a fun week back at home. Just one quick question is there any consideration of Eric trying to be drafted if he has a good year this year or just move on with life? 

Well transfers are a week from tomorrow and I hope I stay cause work is picking up out here and is going really well. We have found 2 new family's that we will start teaching this week if everything works out right. And we have been working with a few part member family's this week and will continue to do that. Well I am excited and sad at the same time J_ who we are doing the recovery program with will be leaving on the 20th to drill Sargent school and will then go from there to see his girl friend, which they are planing on getting married if things work out. He will only be able to visit her for a week, and then he will go to another school and after that there is a good chance of him getting deployed to Afghanistan or Syria for 3 months to a year. He is in infantry so that can be scary but I know he will be ok if it is meant to be. In fact he told me a cool story that relates to how Heavenly Father has a plan in this life for you and you will live to do that plan if you are worthy and trying to do the right things.

 So I just thought that was pretty cool how Heavenly Father does watch over and protect us if it is his will for us to be here on earth still.

Well love ya all

Elder Urry

Jeff reached his 18 month date and missionaries have this thing for burning clothes so on the 18th month they burn a pair of pants... hopefully they were already in pretty rough shape!

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