Monday, January 4, 2016

Letter #78 1-4-2016 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
Well this has been and fun week we found a new part member family who are really nice and their names are the M_ and C_ is the non member. We asked him if he would want to take the lessons after we talk to them about family's being together forever and he said yes and that was on Friday. Saturday they had us over for dinner because we had a day open and they wanted to sign up so they did. So that night we gave them a demonstration using 3 knives and 3 strong cups and you cant move the cups but all 3 knives have to be touching in the center using 1 knife and 1 cup for each other so when you are doing it, it looks like a triangle.

So then we would place my ipad on top and when you do it right it should hold.  We explained to them that through these lessons we will extend many commitments and there are 3 specific commitments that  if you keep all the others will be easier to do and the three are:

1 Come to Church 
2 Pray daily 
3 Read the scriptures

When we do these three things our foundation is strong and we have a better chance of not falling into temptation cause if we take one away we will most likely fall off the path. We told and promised him if he were to do these 3 things he will come to know what he needs to do and will be able to find the truth for himself one day.  So it was fun the next day to see he and his family come to church and he was listening to every word that was said. Sometimes on the first Sunday of the month that can be scary with fast and testimony meeting but yesterday was very very good, one of the best I have been to. So we will be meeting with him this Saturday again so that will be fun and we will invite him to church.  I know speakers will be good because it is me and my companion haha!! Elder Pember is talking on how the music can bring the spirit into meetings and I am talking on how to set good and worthy goals. Well it sounds like a fun week at home hope this one is just as fun and hope it was fun for the rest of you who get the emails and read this.

Much Love 
Elder Urry      

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