Monday, January 18, 2016

Letter #80 1-18-2016 Torrington Wyoming

Hey everyone!
 Well this week I had some cool things happen and it was from following the Spirit. So Saturday night we met with bishop and his family and M_, a recent convert. M_ was baptized in July and he is 17.  He is a great young man but has been having a rough week. 

I felt I needed to share a scripture and it was Alma 37:17 
“For he will fulfill all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises which he has made unto our fathers.”

We all started talking about this and following the Spirit and how Heavenly Father is there for us and then M_ gave his testimony and it was way powerful! He also gave an experience when, this week a police officer took him to his house to get things figured out. It was actually Brother C_, the family we spent Christmas with. When they were both in the car again Brother C_ ask him if he wanted to get anything else, and keep in mind all M_ has is clothes and things for about a week and so brother C_ asked “is there anything else?”, he was expecting M_ to say clothes or more stuff like that but M_ said, “can you get my scriptures? That is all I need we can leave everything else cause that is what will get me through everything in life and what got him through this last week.” 
So after he shared this I felt like I needed to show a video called Mountains to Climb. It’s talking about how we can make it through hard times. Towards the end of the video I got this loud and clear prompting, "ask if he wants a Priesthood blessing!!" So I did, I said 
"M_ l I just felt I needed to ask you this... Would you like a blessing?" He said back “Wow that is weird I was just thinking about asking for one that is so cool.” So he ask
Elder Pember to give it and the Spirit was so strong tonight it was amazing to see and feel, and the blessing was so powerful. So that was really cool.
 Then the next day a less active sister we are working with, Sister H_, asked for a Priesthood blessing and for healing, among other things, and asked me to give it so I did. I felt impressed to say "as long as you listen to the Spirit you will get better"  so I did.  After the blessing Sister H_ said, “right as you said that a light went on in my head, and I realized in the past few days there have been times when I was following the spirit and how I was protected by doing this.”  But it took her getting that blessing to realize that so that was pretty cool also.
 So follow the Spirit you will never know what might come from doing so. I have seen it 2 times this week and they were really cool experiences.  
Well Elder Pember and I are both leaving Torrington, and a Senior couple is coming here. I am going to Chimney Rock Ward in Gering, Nebraska. That is about 40 minutes from Torrington, Wyoming. I am one of few missionaries to be a “tri state missionary”.  
I well be in all 3 states in this mission! So that is cool. Well my comp is Elder Wilwand. I do know him, he was in the same district as me these last 2 transfers, being trained so he has only been out 3 months.

Well love ya all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Jefferson K. Urry


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