Monday, January 25, 2016

Letter #81 1-25-2016 Gering, Nebraska

Hey Everyone!!!
 So my comp is Elder Wilwand he is from Walla Walla, Washington State. He was in President Browns Stake back at home so president was excited to see him when he came out.  Elder Wilwand was into track, running and swimming. He is one of the best comps I have had! He is a hard worker, ready to do the work, and prepared for all the challenges that come with it.  

So this week was a lot of fun and hard as well.  We have 4 people on date for baptism and we saw all of them this week. Friday was the hardest day of the week. We had 3 appointments set up and they all fell through so we spent the day going through the ward roster looking for less active or part member families. We did not get in one door till our dinner appointment... but we had a fun time getting yelled at like 3 times haha.

But we were blessed after dinner. We felt like trying this one investigator again that we had tried earlier in the day. We went out that way, she was home and let us in. She had been reading and praying about what the missionary's left her last time and she just had a lot of questions. We went over them and the spirit was very strong and it was a great lesson to finish a hard day off.

 Also, I was asked to speak yesterday in the ward on every member a missionary and that went really well too. 

So about the area, we have not seen the Church History places mom, most of the missionary's don't even know where they are at and I don't either.  Most P-days we email, shop and do laundry and then play basketball until dinner so most missionary's in this area don't go see them.

Well hope you have a good week!

Much love
Elder Urry

Monday, January 18, 2016

Letter #80 1-18-2016 Torrington Wyoming

Hey everyone!
 Well this week I had some cool things happen and it was from following the Spirit. So Saturday night we met with bishop and his family and M_, a recent convert. M_ was baptized in July and he is 17.  He is a great young man but has been having a rough week. 

I felt I needed to share a scripture and it was Alma 37:17 
“For he will fulfill all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises which he has made unto our fathers.”

We all started talking about this and following the Spirit and how Heavenly Father is there for us and then M_ gave his testimony and it was way powerful! He also gave an experience when, this week a police officer took him to his house to get things figured out. It was actually Brother C_, the family we spent Christmas with. When they were both in the car again Brother C_ ask him if he wanted to get anything else, and keep in mind all M_ has is clothes and things for about a week and so brother C_ asked “is there anything else?”, he was expecting M_ to say clothes or more stuff like that but M_ said, “can you get my scriptures? That is all I need we can leave everything else cause that is what will get me through everything in life and what got him through this last week.” 
So after he shared this I felt like I needed to show a video called Mountains to Climb. It’s talking about how we can make it through hard times. Towards the end of the video I got this loud and clear prompting, "ask if he wants a Priesthood blessing!!" So I did, I said 
"M_ l I just felt I needed to ask you this... Would you like a blessing?" He said back “Wow that is weird I was just thinking about asking for one that is so cool.” So he ask
Elder Pember to give it and the Spirit was so strong tonight it was amazing to see and feel, and the blessing was so powerful. So that was really cool.
 Then the next day a less active sister we are working with, Sister H_, asked for a Priesthood blessing and for healing, among other things, and asked me to give it so I did. I felt impressed to say "as long as you listen to the Spirit you will get better"  so I did.  After the blessing Sister H_ said, “right as you said that a light went on in my head, and I realized in the past few days there have been times when I was following the spirit and how I was protected by doing this.”  But it took her getting that blessing to realize that so that was pretty cool also.
 So follow the Spirit you will never know what might come from doing so. I have seen it 2 times this week and they were really cool experiences.  
Well Elder Pember and I are both leaving Torrington, and a Senior couple is coming here. I am going to Chimney Rock Ward in Gering, Nebraska. That is about 40 minutes from Torrington, Wyoming. I am one of few missionaries to be a “tri state missionary”.  
I well be in all 3 states in this mission! So that is cool. Well my comp is Elder Wilwand. I do know him, he was in the same district as me these last 2 transfers, being trained so he has only been out 3 months.

Well love ya all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Jefferson K. Urry

Monday, January 11, 2016

Letter #79 1-11-2016 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!

Well looks like a fun week back at home. Just one quick question is there any consideration of Eric trying to be drafted if he has a good year this year or just move on with life? 

Well transfers are a week from tomorrow and I hope I stay cause work is picking up out here and is going really well. We have found 2 new family's that we will start teaching this week if everything works out right. And we have been working with a few part member family's this week and will continue to do that. Well I am excited and sad at the same time J_ who we are doing the recovery program with will be leaving on the 20th to drill Sargent school and will then go from there to see his girl friend, which they are planing on getting married if things work out. He will only be able to visit her for a week, and then he will go to another school and after that there is a good chance of him getting deployed to Afghanistan or Syria for 3 months to a year. He is in infantry so that can be scary but I know he will be ok if it is meant to be. In fact he told me a cool story that relates to how Heavenly Father has a plan in this life for you and you will live to do that plan if you are worthy and trying to do the right things.

 So I just thought that was pretty cool how Heavenly Father does watch over and protect us if it is his will for us to be here on earth still.

Well love ya all

Elder Urry

Jeff reached his 18 month date and missionaries have this thing for burning clothes so on the 18th month they burn a pair of pants... hopefully they were already in pretty rough shape!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Letter #78 1-4-2016 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
Well this has been and fun week we found a new part member family who are really nice and their names are the M_ and C_ is the non member. We asked him if he would want to take the lessons after we talk to them about family's being together forever and he said yes and that was on Friday. Saturday they had us over for dinner because we had a day open and they wanted to sign up so they did. So that night we gave them a demonstration using 3 knives and 3 strong cups and you cant move the cups but all 3 knives have to be touching in the center using 1 knife and 1 cup for each other so when you are doing it, it looks like a triangle.

So then we would place my ipad on top and when you do it right it should hold.  We explained to them that through these lessons we will extend many commitments and there are 3 specific commitments that  if you keep all the others will be easier to do and the three are:

1 Come to Church 
2 Pray daily 
3 Read the scriptures

When we do these three things our foundation is strong and we have a better chance of not falling into temptation cause if we take one away we will most likely fall off the path. We told and promised him if he were to do these 3 things he will come to know what he needs to do and will be able to find the truth for himself one day.  So it was fun the next day to see he and his family come to church and he was listening to every word that was said. Sometimes on the first Sunday of the month that can be scary with fast and testimony meeting but yesterday was very very good, one of the best I have been to. So we will be meeting with him this Saturday again so that will be fun and we will invite him to church.  I know speakers will be good because it is me and my companion haha!! Elder Pember is talking on how the music can bring the spirit into meetings and I am talking on how to set good and worthy goals. Well it sounds like a fun week at home hope this one is just as fun and hope it was fun for the rest of you who get the emails and read this.

Much Love 
Elder Urry