Monday, December 28, 2015

Letter #77 12-28-2015 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!
Well it was fun talking to all of you on Christmas Day. And Steve if you got married July first I just might have to hurt ya when I get home haha so before June or you wait and extra week haha.  Also Eric you look like you are almost doing the Heisman pose when you are acting as the angel I don't think he did that haha.

 Well after we ended the call we had dinner with the family it was really good!!! Then we played Uno and just so y'all know the past 7 times I have played on my mission I have won!! I am the champ at Uno in the mission right now haha. Also that Uno was Elder Pember’s present from them and I got phase 10 from them so we have games to play on p day.

 Well the rest of the week was good and just got to see some people and visit with them. But I want to thank all that sent me a letter I will be trying to respond to them all when I have time. I really don't have much to say cause I talked with all of you the other day so talk to you in 2016!!

Much love
Elder Urry

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