Monday, December 21, 2015

Letter #76 12-21-2015 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
Well we did not have our meeting this last week so I did not get the package from all of you. So it was suppose to be Wednesday and we got a pretty good snow storm and it was about 4-6 inches. That is not the worst I have seen being on my mission but here the wind is what is bad. There have been times were semi trucks will get blown over on the roads so that is why it was canceled for Wednesday and then moved to Friday. 
So Friday morning we got up at 5 am and Headed for Laramie. We get there and we have to get onto I-80 from Cheyenne. When we get there we see it is closed so I am like, there is no other way to get there, do the other Elders know about this? A few minutes later we get a call saying hey Elders the meeting is canceled so we drove for about 2 and half hours to Cheyenne and back for no meeting haha fun!! So we just got an email we are going for a 3rd time and it is on Wednesday the 23rd this week so hopefully it will happen cause that is when I would receive the package. 
 Well also this week was crazy cause of that with all of our planing got all messed up but you just got to be flexible and move on sometimes. But good news we did find 3 new investigators it is a small family and they are supper nice and the reason they wanted to meet with us is cause they want to have better family morale's so i am very excited  to meet with them.  
 So Christmas day I will be calling you 1st to set things up with skype and that will be around 3:30 pm and we are going to be calling from a family house and their names are Aaron and Debra Condie nice young family to be with on that day for dinner and to call home.
 Well hope all is well back at home!! See you all Christmas day!!

Much Love

Elder Urry

One of the members in the ward gave Jeff these things for Christmas
The stocking is based off an inside joke with one of the families
This page was in the monthly mission news letter

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