Monday, November 30, 2015

Letter #73 11-30-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
 This week was very fun and we had a good Thanksgiving. We had 2 Thanksgivings, one with dessert and one with out. But then we got invited over for 2 more desserts after that! Tell you what Thanksgiving next year we'll be easier on the stomach than the past 2 haha...way too much food! 
Also our mission Christmas devotional is on December 16 so if you want me to get my package before Christmas I would have it here by then, then I would just pick it up there.

We had cool miracle this week I wanted to share with everyone. So on Tuesday night everything fell through that night and we were just trying to visit with anyone.  It was getting kind of late almost time to go home and me and Elder Pember were just thinking of anyone we could try and see. Elder Pember just said a name  kind of as a joke but then we thought about it for a second and the spirit told us we needed to go see this person, we had no idea why. His name is J_ G_ he is about a 24-year-old.  He is going through a really hard time, (but we didn’t know this at the time..) so to continue with what happened that night... We go and see him and we have no idea what's going on with him, but we decided to share a lesson on Charity and the Atonement of Jesus Christ with him. I was really proud of Elder Pember, he said “J_ I feel like I need to ask you is there anything we can do for you?” no real response.. but then he asked again, “J_ I feel like I need to ask you again is there anything we can do for you?” 
And this time the spirit was really strong and he said “would you guys be willing to give me a priesthood blessing.” Obviously we said we would love to so we did and J_ asked me to  do the anointing and for Elder Pember to give the blessing. We placed our hands on his head and gave a simple blessing.. 
After we finished the blessing we did not have much time because it was getting late and we had to get home. After we got home I just felt like sending a text to J_ just saying that we are always here for you, we may not know what you're going through completely, but we know the Atonement works!  So if you ever need someone to talk to you have us and you have the P_ family.  It was at that point that he opened up and told us about what he's going through.  While at his home I had invited him to see Christ in his life, moments where he has seen His hand in his life.  After seeing his responding text, I felt I should challenge him to read The Mountains to Climb.  I promised him that he would feel peace after doing so.  So the next day when we saw him I asked him if he had taken some time to read, and he said yes, it had brought some peace, and he was so grateful for our visit and thanked us so much.

I know the Atonement works. I have seen it bless so many lives! It is amazing what the Lord has done for us and there's no greater joy than to share with people who are struggling, and see the light of hope in their eyes and faith that what they're doing is for the best so they can return Heavenly Father again!

Love you all!! Have a great week!

Much love Elder Urry

We helped make a quilt
Elder Pember
Elder Urry in Christmas disguise

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