Monday, November 23, 2015

Letter #72 11-23-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!

This is not just a job! As missionary's we have been called to serve others and teach others. One thing I have learned this week is, yes, we are called to teach people and serve others but is not all. We have to understand and respect people’s agency even when it is hard. Because when you serve others and are always thinking of others and not yourself you grow a love for people that becomes very deep. It’s not a love like husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend but something more powerful a love that is somewhat like the Savior has for us but not as great. 
This week I had an experience were I have seen and felt in my heart what the Savior feels for us, each and every one of us and how great that love is for us. And I have felt a glimpse of the pain and sorrow He feels when we push away from Him and how much pain that can really cause. That pain comes partly from us not following Him but also from the deep love He has for us every last one of us. The Savior suffered bled and died and was resurrected just for us. I mean have you ever thought of this idea... what if you were the only one that ever existed on this earth and no one else had ever or would ever live upon the earth... "would He still do what He did?" Everyone who reads this before you go on STOP and think about that! 

I have thought about this a lot I and I know with out a doubt in my mind that the answer is YES!! He would!  Mom, Dad, Alli, Eric, Steven, Brian, Paul, Vaughn, Rachel, Rachelle, and every last person that reads this letter... all your family and friends, your brothers and sisters, moms and dad, ever last person on this earth.. He has suffered and bled and all of this just for YOU no matter what you have done, to anyone or Him. No matter how bad you have messed up in your life He did this for you so one day when you enter into His presence you can feel clean and pure of heart and He will embrace you with loving arms.  All that is required of us is to go to Him and seek forgiveness and then do all you can to live your life to the best you know how.

Well hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving this week! We do have a meal with a family for Thanksgiving like last year so that will be fun. It is with the P_ family they are a very nice family and I am excited for it. 
Also J_ our investigator will be getting baptized on December 5th so that is exciting, he is a 14 years old and lives here in Torrington.

Have a great week!
Much Love Elder Urry

First Snow of the Year here in Torrington

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