Monday, November 30, 2015

Letter #73 11-30-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
 This week was very fun and we had a good Thanksgiving. We had 2 Thanksgivings, one with dessert and one with out. But then we got invited over for 2 more desserts after that! Tell you what Thanksgiving next year we'll be easier on the stomach than the past 2 haha...way too much food! 
Also our mission Christmas devotional is on December 16 so if you want me to get my package before Christmas I would have it here by then, then I would just pick it up there.

We had cool miracle this week I wanted to share with everyone. So on Tuesday night everything fell through that night and we were just trying to visit with anyone.  It was getting kind of late almost time to go home and me and Elder Pember were just thinking of anyone we could try and see. Elder Pember just said a name  kind of as a joke but then we thought about it for a second and the spirit told us we needed to go see this person, we had no idea why. His name is J_ G_ he is about a 24-year-old.  He is going through a really hard time, (but we didn’t know this at the time..) so to continue with what happened that night... We go and see him and we have no idea what's going on with him, but we decided to share a lesson on Charity and the Atonement of Jesus Christ with him. I was really proud of Elder Pember, he said “J_ I feel like I need to ask you is there anything we can do for you?” no real response.. but then he asked again, “J_ I feel like I need to ask you again is there anything we can do for you?” 
And this time the spirit was really strong and he said “would you guys be willing to give me a priesthood blessing.” Obviously we said we would love to so we did and J_ asked me to  do the anointing and for Elder Pember to give the blessing. We placed our hands on his head and gave a simple blessing.. 
After we finished the blessing we did not have much time because it was getting late and we had to get home. After we got home I just felt like sending a text to J_ just saying that we are always here for you, we may not know what you're going through completely, but we know the Atonement works!  So if you ever need someone to talk to you have us and you have the P_ family.  It was at that point that he opened up and told us about what he's going through.  While at his home I had invited him to see Christ in his life, moments where he has seen His hand in his life.  After seeing his responding text, I felt I should challenge him to read The Mountains to Climb.  I promised him that he would feel peace after doing so.  So the next day when we saw him I asked him if he had taken some time to read, and he said yes, it had brought some peace, and he was so grateful for our visit and thanked us so much.

I know the Atonement works. I have seen it bless so many lives! It is amazing what the Lord has done for us and there's no greater joy than to share with people who are struggling, and see the light of hope in their eyes and faith that what they're doing is for the best so they can return Heavenly Father again!

Love you all!! Have a great week!

Much love Elder Urry

We helped make a quilt
Elder Pember
Elder Urry in Christmas disguise

Monday, November 23, 2015

Letter #72 11-23-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!

This is not just a job! As missionary's we have been called to serve others and teach others. One thing I have learned this week is, yes, we are called to teach people and serve others but is not all. We have to understand and respect people’s agency even when it is hard. Because when you serve others and are always thinking of others and not yourself you grow a love for people that becomes very deep. It’s not a love like husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend but something more powerful a love that is somewhat like the Savior has for us but not as great. 
This week I had an experience were I have seen and felt in my heart what the Savior feels for us, each and every one of us and how great that love is for us. And I have felt a glimpse of the pain and sorrow He feels when we push away from Him and how much pain that can really cause. That pain comes partly from us not following Him but also from the deep love He has for us every last one of us. The Savior suffered bled and died and was resurrected just for us. I mean have you ever thought of this idea... what if you were the only one that ever existed on this earth and no one else had ever or would ever live upon the earth... "would He still do what He did?" Everyone who reads this before you go on STOP and think about that! 

I have thought about this a lot I and I know with out a doubt in my mind that the answer is YES!! He would!  Mom, Dad, Alli, Eric, Steven, Brian, Paul, Vaughn, Rachel, Rachelle, and every last person that reads this letter... all your family and friends, your brothers and sisters, moms and dad, ever last person on this earth.. He has suffered and bled and all of this just for YOU no matter what you have done, to anyone or Him. No matter how bad you have messed up in your life He did this for you so one day when you enter into His presence you can feel clean and pure of heart and He will embrace you with loving arms.  All that is required of us is to go to Him and seek forgiveness and then do all you can to live your life to the best you know how.

Well hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving this week! We do have a meal with a family for Thanksgiving like last year so that will be fun. It is with the P_ family they are a very nice family and I am excited for it. 
Also J_ our investigator will be getting baptized on December 5th so that is exciting, he is a 14 years old and lives here in Torrington.

Have a great week!
Much Love Elder Urry

First Snow of the Year here in Torrington

Monday, November 16, 2015

Letter #71 11-16-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!

Well this week has been a long, slow week for me. Monday my comp had his surgery and he is to do nothing till tomorrow after his check up with the Doctor so I have just been doing a lot of reading and sitting around and visiting with the members we live with this past week.

On Friday Brother Erickson asked if I would help him build his shed so that was a lot of fun.  We worked on it for about 3 hours and got 2 walls put up as well as some other things.  When he is done he wants it to look like a log cabin but it will depend on the weather when he will be able to get it done. 
But ya this week was studies and then some nights I went on splits with another companionship, just one would go out and do work with me while the other would sit at the house with Elder Pember.
Well sorry for the short letter this week hope all is well with everyone.

Much love Elder Urry

PS mom hope your surgery went well. And for my package I could use a few new shirts it would be nice to get 3 new short sleeve and one new long sleeve shirt.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Letter #70 11-9-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
 Well it is Friday night right now and we just finished our day.  I just was thinking back to the beginning of my mission and I was thinking of how I was interacting with others. And I don't have any idea why but felt this week I needed to write you this and do it while it is fresh in my head.

  Before my mission and in the beginning of my mission whenever I was having a hard time I would see a lot of what “they” were doing to hurt me even when they do not mean to all the time. And what they were doing wrong. Well tonight I was thinking of a missionary's purpose and that is...   "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." 

 Well as you see above I underlined “invite and others”. This is what we do all the time as missionary's cause when we invite in a loving Christ like way for people to do something most of the time they will do it. And trying in the right way to help someone become better is a good thing.  But we as people say, 
"Well it makes me mad he/she does this!" or
"He or she needs to do more of this."
"Why can't they see all the things they do?"

 Well I have to admit I have done all of these things, but how do we expect people to change and become better when we don't even look at what we may be doing wrong... Yes it is hard and it takes a bigger man to say I messed up I need to change here and do this. Because if we want people to change around us and treat us different as a person or have our friendship or Marriage or relationship improve, sometimes it takes humbling ourself and looking inward.  Sometimes we need to ask ourself", “what am I doing wrong to cause this..." Or  "what can I change to become better". 
So humble yourself and don't be prideful and think it is their fault with what is going on.  In fact there is a quote in preach my gospel that says... "Pride is competitive; those who are prideful seek to have more and presume they are better than other people."  No one is better than anyone, we are all equal and not perfect or close to it. We all can change and show the pure love of Christ by changing flaws about us that are hurting our relationships with others before we start going and pointing out what others are doing wrong cause that is not our place.

 God had only one perfect son and that is the Savior Jesus Christ who set the way for us. So I invite everyone who reads this letter to look at themselves to see what they can change before trying to change someone else, don't be a boss be a leader. And by that I mean a leader is down with everyone doing his part to get from point A to point B and working along side others. He is showing them by what he or she dose by example. A boss, on the other hand, is someone who sits in a chair and tells people what to do and what they need to change. 
This is not the Saviors way, it is not how the Savior did it and it is not how we should do it either. Lead by example for others like the Savior did for YOU!!   I love you all hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Urry

PS what would be a fun in a Christmas package is just written letters from everyone that can.  It’s so great just to hear how family and friends are doing. That is it really...maybe some money to get my suits dry cleaned...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter #69 11-2-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey everyone!!
Well this week has been very good and lots of fun with Halloween. On Monday we went to the Wisman’s for dinner so they had us come early to carve pumpkins and I have to say mine looks very good. We also had a breakfast on Saturday morning with all the missionary's in the stake and the stake presidency and there wives. So I got to meet them and they are very nice fun people. After the breakfast we had a fireside with every one there and it was really good. We talked about testimonies and how as missionary's they are the most powerful things to share with people and every opportunity we have we should share it!!  And not being afraid to do it. So yesterday was fast and testimony meeting so i did share mine and I am going share it now with all of you...

I know we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and He has a son by the name of Jesus Christ who also loves all of us more than we can even imagine. I know He loves us so much that He sent His son here to earth to show and lead us by His example.  He knew we would mess up and make mistakes so Jesus Christ performed the atonement and he descended below all things, so that we can repentant and be clean once
again. I also know, through His atonement we have someone there who knows what we are going through everyday and we can go talk to Him through prayer and He will help us. This is a true blessing we have because like in the scriptures no unclean thing can live with God again, so He knew we would not be prefect so Jesus Christ provided this for every one so one day we can become perfected in Him and through Him. These things I know to be true I have felt it! And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Friends and family I hope you all are doing well in what ever may be going on in your lives. I am blessed to know each and everyone of you! I love you all and miss you all too. But this is where I am suppose to be right now at this time. I only have 2 years to just focus 24/7 on others and on the Lords work and it is one of the hardest 2 years but one of the most rewarding 2 years.

Much love
Elder Urry

Scripture to ponderize this week
John 3: 15-17
15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

16 ¶For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have
everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but
that the world through him might be saved.