Monday, October 26, 2015

Letter #68 10-26-2015 Torrington Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!

 Well this week was planned to be a great week. My companion has a cyst on his tailbone and it is infected. The Doctors got the infection out at the hospital but he will be having surgery in about 2 weeks.  The surgery will put him out of service for about two week  so I did the math and the time I will spend studying during the 2 weeks, cause we will be doing splits every night, and one will just stay with him while I go out with members, but I will spend about 136 hours studying. But transfers are tomorrow and me and Elder Pember are staying right here for another 6 weeks so that is fun!

 One thing I have not told you about this transfer is ever other Thursday we go do service at the zoo, and that is a lot of fun preparing and feeding all the animals there. What is really cool is how well the animals recognize the zoo keepers and when they come around even when it is not feeding time yet. But the last time we went I got to feed the lions and that was way cool and trust me they get hungry when it is time to eat hahaha!! 2 full grown male lions!! 
One thing I just thought of is how the animals there know who the zoo keepers are... Well I feel when the day comes and we meet our Savior and Heavenly Father we will recognize them just as well. But something to think about.. is well we be excited to see them or will we be embarrassed to see them cause of all the things we have messed up on and not ask for forgiveness for and used what Jesus Christ preformed for us when he came here to earth??

Well hope you all have a fun week and are safe!

Much love
Elder Urry

PS Steve did Trisha show you up at surfing? And don't say it was to cold there hahaha. Also what part of California is she from, my comp is from there and was just wondering?

Elder Jefferson K. Urry

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