Monday, October 19, 2015

Letter #67 10-19-2015 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!! 
 Well this week was a tough week literally! Everything we had planned fell through other than our dinners haha! But for me all day Saturday I was wanting to be in Fort Collins because S_ (see picture below), who I was teaching while I was there, got baptized. I was so happy for him but so sad I missed it. He is a fantastic man and such a nice man when we were teaching him. But I did get a photo from the Zone Leaders there that were at the baptism so I will be sending that home today. 
 Ok well something crazy happen this week! So there is this young couple  M_ and C_ J_, in this ward. One night this week we go over there to pick up some things for my companion and Chase's mom and sister were in town. We were head out the door and she told us to just wait one second. I was like ok, and she wanted to give us money for a night we dont have a dinner appointment or just to have some extra food at the house. So 99% of the time people will give us $20 and that is $10 for each of us and they do it cause they cant have us over in there home to feed us. Well she was talking to us about how her son was taken care of so well on his mission and she wanted to do the same thing. So she gives us each $50 and I was like really!!! You don't need to give us this much we can just split one of them. But she told us no I am giving the missionary's $100 and just count it as a blessing. I said thank you so much cause she would not take it back and just let us split the 50. So that is what happened. Well I will send the photo home too but not much happen this week it was a hard week but we are going to go after it this next week!!

Much Love Elder Urry  

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