Monday, September 21, 2015

Letter #63 9-21-2015 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
Well another fast week has gone by!! Looks like a lot of fun things at home. Mom I did send a package home this week so I did use my card for that. Well Torrington is very small but a nice town and lots of fun people. On Saturday was the ward rodeo out at Brother Wilkins ranch. And everyone had to make there own stick horse for racing with them and all. They also brought out 2 small goats for the primary kids there were 3 races with kids close to the same age, and the 1st kid to catch the goat and get the dollar won the race and then they kept their dollar, that was a lot of fun to watch! And it was one fun night where I got to meet more of the ward. Most of the guys in the ward with in the next few months will be taking 1 week to 2 week trips for hunting cause this ward is huge into hunting no matter what they get drawn for. Each person will put in for up to 5 different hunts they want to go on and their wife will put in for a few sometimes also, Alli time for you to get a tag hahaha.
So for the past few months the church really has focused on church attendance and reading The Book of Mormon and praying all the time! And this is so important. Take anything you do and become great at doing the much better are you going to be at what ever your doing. And when things become hard and handling it is very hard, might mean you have stopped doing the basics, like reading and praying. I’m not saying that things are bad cause your not reading the Book of Mormon and praying, sometimes things are just hard.  What I am saying is that how we handle it will be better if we are doing the spiritual basics. Well the basics in the church like reading and praying need to be a daily thing and going to church every Sunday as well. Now just like in what we do in day to day life we need to apply the basics in the gospel so when we read and go to church we need to apply what we have learned and try to become better at it every day!
 Well just want to add one more thing I have notice through my mission with the areas I have been called to, every area I feel like I was suppose to meet someone the Lord wants me to meet. 
But one thing I have seen with this being my 4th area on my mission is, every time I go to a new place, when I get there, there is a lot of help or service needed in the ward or place I am serving.  
I hope all is well and you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Urry

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