Monday, September 14, 2015

Letter #62 9-14-2015 Fort Collins Colorado

Hey Everyone!!
Well I got all the photos and videos and they all work on the iPad so keep sending them they are a lot of fun to see. Well it was quick here in Fort Collins, 1 transfer and I am heading out only 6 weeks here. I am going back to Wyoming but not close to my last area there I am going to Torrington, Wyoming (BACK TO A SMALL TOWN) it is a ways out of Cheyenne but that is where I am closest to! Also I am 2nd transfer training a missionary cause new missionary's are trained for 12 weeks so I have been ask to do the second 6 weeks. So that will be nice now I will be back to doing 3 hour study's instead of 2.
Well this week was pretty good. S_ did fall through but he is excited for this week to meet with us, we'll the 2 new missionary's coming cause me and my comp are leaving. Last night was really cool so we had dinner with the Simpson family. They had their friend T_ over who is not a member of the church but has been looking into church's. He wants Christ more in his life cause of some of the things he has felt and gone through during his life. So during dinner we all just talked and hung out and during that time I felt I should do the lesson on the Plan of Salvation which is about Gods plans and his goals for we can make it back and live with Him someday. Well we shard the lesson and I don't know but, the longer I am out the more powerful the spirit seems to get when we are teaching someone. At the end I invited T_ to take the missionary discussions and what he said kinda hit me hard cause I have never heard someone say this to us while on my mission but he said, "Elder Urry I just want to say thanks for what you guys do and I want to thank you for loving me enough to invite me to do these things and yes if you guys can make time for me I would love to." Well when he said this it was so unexpected and I did not see it coming and it was cool to hear him say. I never really thought about how much this can mean to people and it felt good to hear and made my testimony grow on how great this gospel can be and for the people that decided to hear. Its so great to see the change in their eyes and the desire to want to change is so humbling and it all happens when I see the spirit touch them. They feel the spirit, and most of the time when this happens I ask what they are feeling before we go on to any other point. This work can not be done without the spirit of the Lord cause our words are just words anyone can say but they become powerful when the spirit is there and that is when change happens in the heart for people!!
Well love and miss you all hope you have a great week this week with anything going on back home!!

Much love Elder Urry

PS Happy birthday Steven Brian and Eric!!!

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