Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter #61 9-7-2015 Fort Collins Colorado

Hey Everyone!!
Well this week was great I don't know where to start,... to tell ya the truth. Well last week the zone leaders gave us a referral whose name is S_.  They found him at their
apartment which is in our area, so to hand him off to us, we went on splits with them. Elder Palmer and I went and gave him a lesson and Elder Roberson and Elder Snelders went and saw other people. Now we have seen Scott twice including that appointment. And to tell you a little about him he is big into art. He use to design the movie posters for movies and all of that so that is pretty cool. 
Well remember when I was back in Sterling teaching G_ and the spirit was so strong at those lessons? Well its the same with S_ and teaching him. And family, my testimony on members at lessons grew so much this week because they can help so much as a member when missionary's prepare them for the lesson and the member
understands that they are there to help in any way but not take over the lesson and then to fellowship. 
The Heiser’s were perfect this week and helped S_

out so much! I would invite you all, if the missionary's are teaching someone back there at home, to invite them to do
the lessons every so often in your home, and for those who have served a mission I’m sure you know what I am talking about!! You may never know the impacted you may have on them and the missionary's for that matter. 
I remember reading a talk or hearing this some where but it goes something like missionary's and members are the same church they are not 2 separate church's we as missionary's can't do this with out you and you can't do it without missionary's.

Well also this week we went and helped an older lady in the ward with Brother Windsor. We chopped some wood and we had so much fun doing that. It made me think back when I went with your family, Vaughn, to get wood. I also told them about that one time I went with you guys.

 Well this week was so much fun and I could write so much more but don't have much time. Well love you all so much. 

PS: time is going fast so enjoy where you are at now cause before you know it, it well be all over!!

Much love Elder Urry

Thanks Uncle Paul!! The Missionaries Love this!

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