Monday, September 28, 2015

Letter #64 9-28-2015 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey everyone!
Well this week was hard but successful at the same time because a lot of things fall through, mainly like appointments. But the appointments we did have were very good! One of those appointments was on Friday night with the C_ family. They are a less active family in the ward and having a hard time with some of their beliefs. But that is very normal for a lot of people because we all do struggle with our beliefs some time or another and we have  questions. One of the things we talked about was enduring to the end and how that can be very hard sometimes in this life because this life is a life of test. That is why we have the Savior and His Atonement, without that this Life would be much much harder! 
But we did have a really good talk and they are just struggling as a family. This is hard for me to see, and the best thing we can do is be there for them, show that we care and that we want the best for them. To be honest they just opened up to both of us which was really good.  That way we can know the best way to help them. One thing I have learned as a missionary is that to help someone doesn't always necessarily mean sharing the gospel with them.
Sometimes it just takes knowing that they have a friend who can be there for them and care about them that can make the difference. One thing I've always really thought about, and what I asked my brothers about is the term “dropping people”. As missionaries we are called to invite others to Christ, and to help build their faith and testimony in whatever faith they already do have. When I see we have enough time in a week to be able to see someone, even if they don’t seem interested at the moment, and still be able to do all the work we need to do as missionaries then I don’t feel it is necessary to take them off our list. The Savior still wants them to be loved and cared about, if at this time they are not interested does not mean they don’t need to be cared about. The reason I say that is because I just think of what the Savior would do and I don't think your job is done just because someone is not interested in what we have to say.  We want to love them and care about them even more and be there for them for anything because if we just stop seeing them, there will never be change. Charity and love we can learn to show in many different ways and I feel the most important way is friendship and trust in that friendship. 
Throughout my life I have always been one to share what I believe but in the end I truly do believe in agency and will love the person no matter what, even when I might not necessarily agree with what they do. But when it comes to religion, and we have different views, I am happy for them because in the end we all have the same goal which is to live with our Savior, and Heavenly Father again.  But in the end no matter what religion someone is, we need to always loves them and show them that we are there for them during hard and good times and be quick to forgive. 
I have learned, on my mission to forgive quickly, because when you do forgive others, and truly forgive The Lord blesses you. Trust me this can be very hard! In this last transfer I decided to email the companion that I really didn't get along with, I just talked to him in that email, and just told him that I wish I could go back and change some of the things that happened. I told him that i was sorry for what I did and just for the things that happen. I don't hold anything against him either, with things I may have not liked at that time. And once I did this we have emailed every week and talked to each other.   This week he even called me and we are slowly but surely becoming friends because we have forgotten the past. 
The one thing I've learned here is be the bigger man when something is going on and be the first to forgive and forget. Trust me this is a lot harder said than done.  For the first time I have really just opened up.... just now... and told you what's in my heart. Charity and love are the two most important things to me because when we have a friend who cares for us and is always there for us it is the best feeling in the world. For most of us, or should i say a lot of us, we always have our family who are there for us and that is extremely important but having a friend too makes things even greater.

Much love

Elder Urry

Monday, September 21, 2015

Letter #63 9-21-2015 Torrington, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
Well another fast week has gone by!! Looks like a lot of fun things at home. Mom I did send a package home this week so I did use my card for that. Well Torrington is very small but a nice town and lots of fun people. On Saturday was the ward rodeo out at Brother Wilkins ranch. And everyone had to make there own stick horse for racing with them and all. They also brought out 2 small goats for the primary kids there were 3 races with kids close to the same age, and the 1st kid to catch the goat and get the dollar won the race and then they kept their dollar, that was a lot of fun to watch! And it was one fun night where I got to meet more of the ward. Most of the guys in the ward with in the next few months will be taking 1 week to 2 week trips for hunting cause this ward is huge into hunting no matter what they get drawn for. Each person will put in for up to 5 different hunts they want to go on and their wife will put in for a few sometimes also, Alli time for you to get a tag hahaha.
So for the past few months the church really has focused on church attendance and reading The Book of Mormon and praying all the time! And this is so important. Take anything you do and become great at doing the much better are you going to be at what ever your doing. And when things become hard and handling it is very hard, might mean you have stopped doing the basics, like reading and praying. I’m not saying that things are bad cause your not reading the Book of Mormon and praying, sometimes things are just hard.  What I am saying is that how we handle it will be better if we are doing the spiritual basics. Well the basics in the church like reading and praying need to be a daily thing and going to church every Sunday as well. Now just like in what we do in day to day life we need to apply the basics in the gospel so when we read and go to church we need to apply what we have learned and try to become better at it every day!
 Well just want to add one more thing I have notice through my mission with the areas I have been called to, every area I feel like I was suppose to meet someone the Lord wants me to meet. 
But one thing I have seen with this being my 4th area on my mission is, every time I go to a new place, when I get there, there is a lot of help or service needed in the ward or place I am serving.  
I hope all is well and you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, September 14, 2015

Letter #62 9-14-2015 Fort Collins Colorado

Hey Everyone!!
Well I got all the photos and videos and they all work on the iPad so keep sending them they are a lot of fun to see. Well it was quick here in Fort Collins, 1 transfer and I am heading out only 6 weeks here. I am going back to Wyoming but not close to my last area there I am going to Torrington, Wyoming (BACK TO A SMALL TOWN) it is a ways out of Cheyenne but that is where I am closest to! Also I am 2nd transfer training a missionary cause new missionary's are trained for 12 weeks so I have been ask to do the second 6 weeks. So that will be nice now I will be back to doing 3 hour study's instead of 2.
Well this week was pretty good. S_ did fall through but he is excited for this week to meet with us, we'll the 2 new missionary's coming cause me and my comp are leaving. Last night was really cool so we had dinner with the Simpson family. They had their friend T_ over who is not a member of the church but has been looking into church's. He wants Christ more in his life cause of some of the things he has felt and gone through during his life. So during dinner we all just talked and hung out and during that time I felt I should do the lesson on the Plan of Salvation which is about Gods plans and his goals for we can make it back and live with Him someday. Well we shard the lesson and I don't know but, the longer I am out the more powerful the spirit seems to get when we are teaching someone. At the end I invited T_ to take the missionary discussions and what he said kinda hit me hard cause I have never heard someone say this to us while on my mission but he said, "Elder Urry I just want to say thanks for what you guys do and I want to thank you for loving me enough to invite me to do these things and yes if you guys can make time for me I would love to." Well when he said this it was so unexpected and I did not see it coming and it was cool to hear him say. I never really thought about how much this can mean to people and it felt good to hear and made my testimony grow on how great this gospel can be and for the people that decided to hear. Its so great to see the change in their eyes and the desire to want to change is so humbling and it all happens when I see the spirit touch them. They feel the spirit, and most of the time when this happens I ask what they are feeling before we go on to any other point. This work can not be done without the spirit of the Lord cause our words are just words anyone can say but they become powerful when the spirit is there and that is when change happens in the heart for people!!
Well love and miss you all hope you have a great week this week with anything going on back home!!

Much love Elder Urry

PS Happy birthday Steven Brian and Eric!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter #61 9-7-2015 Fort Collins Colorado

Hey Everyone!!
Well this week was great I don't know where to start,... to tell ya the truth. Well last week the zone leaders gave us a referral whose name is S_.  They found him at their
apartment which is in our area, so to hand him off to us, we went on splits with them. Elder Palmer and I went and gave him a lesson and Elder Roberson and Elder Snelders went and saw other people. Now we have seen Scott twice including that appointment. And to tell you a little about him he is big into art. He use to design the movie posters for movies and all of that so that is pretty cool. 
Well remember when I was back in Sterling teaching G_ and the spirit was so strong at those lessons? Well its the same with S_ and teaching him. And family, my testimony on members at lessons grew so much this week because they can help so much as a member when missionary's prepare them for the lesson and the member
understands that they are there to help in any way but not take over the lesson and then to fellowship. 
The Heiser’s were perfect this week and helped S_

out so much! I would invite you all, if the missionary's are teaching someone back there at home, to invite them to do
the lessons every so often in your home, and for those who have served a mission I’m sure you know what I am talking about!! You may never know the impacted you may have on them and the missionary's for that matter. 
I remember reading a talk or hearing this some where but it goes something like missionary's and members are the same church they are not 2 separate church's we as missionary's can't do this with out you and you can't do it without missionary's.

Well also this week we went and helped an older lady in the ward with Brother Windsor. We chopped some wood and we had so much fun doing that. It made me think back when I went with your family, Vaughn, to get wood. I also told them about that one time I went with you guys.

 Well this week was so much fun and I could write so much more but don't have much time. Well love you all so much. 

PS: time is going fast so enjoy where you are at now cause before you know it, it well be all over!!

Much love Elder Urry

Thanks Uncle Paul!! The Missionaries Love this!