Monday, August 17, 2015

Letter #58 8-17-2017 Fort Collins Colorado

Hey Everyone!
 Sorry for the late email. We went on a 7 mile hike today and we started at 6 a.m. so we could get there and see some deer and try to see a mountain lion and a black bear. Well we saw about 30 deer and 4 of them were bucks. We were getting to the end of the hike and we were down by the water falls and river. We are just resting and talking and Elder Tapia and I were just talking and Elder Tapia started going crazy but like quiet cause  about 100 yards from us on the other side of the river we saw a black bear and that made my hike!! You will see the photos when I send them to you after I’m done writing this letter to all of you. But this was one of my favorite Pday hikes of the mission.

Well zone conference was good there was a lot of missionary's giving there departing testimonies that I have gotten to know in the first year of my mission so that is kinda hard cause I will miss them a lot. But zone conference was on chapters 2 and 4 of preach my gospel and the chapters are on how to study effectively.  We also discussed how to recognize the spirit and receive answers to our prays and all of these go hand in hand with each-other. If you want to have a good study in the scriptures you need the spirit, if you want to find answers you need to read and listen to what the spirit is telling to do or to learn. But when we ask the Lord for help or guidance we need to be willing to act on the answers we will receive.

Also this week we went on exchanges with Elder Greer and Elder Shields who I served with right after I was done serving with Elder Torres. He is going home in 4 months so that is crazy for Elder Torres. But it was really good! Me and Elder Greer were able to find a new investigator for their area.  We just stopped and visited with a girl who was outside when we were biking. We just started by introducing ourselves and saying we were pretty new to the area and what are some cool things around here to do? From there we got to know her and were able to talk about the gospel, just kinda became friends first and then started talking about the gospel. People are more willing to talk when they see you are interested in them and what they have to say and not just on what you have to say.

 But ya this week has been a crazy week!! Well love and miss you all hope you have a great week and Paul thanks for the post card they were cool!!

Love Elder Urry

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