Monday, August 3, 2015

Letter #56 8-3-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
Well I would like to start by adding on to to what you were saying, Mom, about missionary work and what is success. Last October you might remember that Elder Cook came to our mission and he talked about what success and failure is for missionaries, and what stuck in my mind was this "you never fail when you invite, no matter the out come you are always successful!" I think this is so true cause no one, no matter what their concern is, will change if they don't think it is wrong or see how it will help them, unless someone invites them to change and tells them how it will help them.

 Well I am leaving Laramie tomorrow I have been transferred to Fort Collins in Colorado. I am going to miss Laramie soooo much!! The people here are fantastic and I have become very very close with some of them.  But it is the Lords call and He knows best and there is a reason I am going to Fort Collins.  The Lord has a plan for me to see people in that area and my work here is done for now. Elder Earl is staying here but me and Elder Thompson are leavening and Elder Thompson is going to be with Elder Torres, who was my 1st comp in the field or as missionary's call it “my dad” on the mission. So that is pretty cool, they will be in Loveland together.
Well this week my last companion Elder Corpus came back through the mission to see people before he goes back to school so that was fun to see him. He went home right before Mother's Day if you remember that is why I had Elder Palmer at that time when I called home!
Well this week we went on exchanges and that was fun cause I got to stay here and we had a good talk that night with F_ and L_. We talked about apostles and prophets.  We also talked about the Savior and our Heavenly Father, and that it is them that we worship, not Joseph Smith.   We shared that Joseph Smith was just a tool in the Lords hands to help with the restoration of the gospel. But it was a really good conversation and they really opened up which was cool to see.
Well hope you all have had a fun week, I know I have another fun one ahead.

Love Elder Urry

 Bro. Davidson (Ward Mission Leader) and his daughter
 Bro. Mickleson
Bro. Bagley & Bishop Allen

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