Monday, July 20, 2015

Letter #54 7-20-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!

Well we have been teaching the E_ family for like a week and a half and this week we set them with a baptism date of August 11 which is after transfers cause that is what I felt at the time, I felt to invite them and they said yes. Well after that we were driving home cause it was the end of the day and Elder Earl ask "hey Elder Urry the date you set is after transfers we should change that so in case you leave you can be here for it"... Well I took this time to tell him how we are on the same team and as much I would like to be here and I could be here, you never know the Lords plan for us. I told him, “this is what I felt impressed to say, so I feel like it is right. We are staying with this date it cause we all then felt it was right. As missionary’s we are like a sports team and it could be any sport you want it to be, the areas are the positions, the missionary's are the players and the coaching staff is Heavenly Father, the Savior, the spirit and the mission president. The coaches position the players to where they think the team would best perform at that time and what is best for the team. Heavenly Father is the “head coach” and He knows what areas missionaries need to be in to help the people that missionary can help.

Well this week I had a cool experience, I don't now if you guys remember Jr. the guy that plays basketball. Well he is not interested to hear the lessons at this time. But like I said, even when people may not be interested, we still get along well, so we will just go see them every other week and just be their friends.  Well I asked Jr if he would help me surprise someone named Duran.  He has down syndrome, and he goes to a place like the Arc of Tempe.  He played in the special Olympics and got a silver meddle for basketball.  He loves UW (University of Wyoming) basketball so I got Jr. to come down and surprised him and it was so fun seeing his reaction to that! It made my day,  just seeing how much fun he had!!

Well in my mission as you all have heard, I love to go out and serve others and just helping in any way I can with anyone who needs it. In the back of my mind the desire for after my mission to serve in the military has grown so much that I am about 85- 90% sure that is what I am going to do.  I have had the opportunity to have many dinners through out my mission with someone from every branch of the military and have learned some things. Don't worry, my focus is on the work I just want to tell everyone that. I love to serve and I am doing the best kind do service right now and that is for the Lord and I can always serve the Lord in my life just not like now we're it is 24/7.  I have felt that I love serving, I love were I live and one way to serve everyone is through serving my Country after this time is up. Other than teaching the gospel and being around people I love the next greatest joy is serving others.  I just felt like sharing that but I will save talking more about it till after my mission. I love doing what I am doing right now and love you all so much!! Have great week!!

Love Elder

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