Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter #53 7-14-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!
Well last night we were just getting home at 9 pm from service that started at 8 am. So I will be sending this off tomorrow morning. But let's start with today... We went out to this less active family named the E_. Brother E_ is the manager of a ranch here in Wyoming and today was branding day for the calfs. They had only 120 to do today but a few weeks ago they did 500 calfs. So there were about 16 guys out there and like 5 teams of 2 and 3 branders and 3 giving shots to the caves. Well I was on one of the teams of 2. What we did before anything started was we had to get the branding stuff ready and the shots ready and then separate the calfs from the cows. And then get about 30 to 40 cows into one corral cause having all of them in one area, there would be no room.
So what I did and the other groups of two when we got everything ready, was, one would go up to a calf, and let me tell you they do not like humans they are scared of us, so you would go up and grab its left back leg and drag it out to where there was room and then the other guy in your group would come up and grab the front leg. Then we would flip it onto its side and have to hold it down and there is only one way to do that. The smallest calf would weigh at lest 200 pounds, most weighed a lot more!! Then when we had them down they would get 4 shots and get branded.
Now I just made that sound pretty easy and all but it's not!! Some of these calfs are monsters and you have to be rough with them or it won't work! But I loved it, it was so much fun even though I am dead tired after that. But then we had lunch when we were done and me and my two comps stayed and we help Brother E_ move more cows and set more gates so cows could go and be where they need to be. 
After that me and brother E_ change the oil, the whole deal, not just put new oil in but like a new filter and let all the old oil drain out and put new oil in. Then we had to change the ball joints on another four wheeler cause they were all worn out so that took some time and while we did this Elder Earl and Elder Tomson just talked with Sister E_. They also played with the E_ new puppy they got for the ranch that they are going to train. But ya today was a lot of hard work but I had so much fun doing that and it just made the day fly by so fast. 
I have found on my mission that one thing I have grown to love is going out and doing service for people and doing it with them and just learning new things while doing it. I mean each day of the week other than Monday's we have 2 hours of service to do.  On Mondays you can do as much as you want if you want. 
I have also learned that if you show me and walk me through things and how to do them I can do it. For example, in the past two weeks I have done branding, wired a entire room to a house that a member was building and put in a wooden floor. And most of this they would come show me what to do then go off and do other stuff and come check on me or I would go get them for the next step. 
I know the best thing as a missionary we can do is teach when people want to hear what we have to say but we also can teach by going out and serving others and just doing service is the next best thing. 
A goal in in my mission I have set is I may not be the best teacher or the best at finding new people to teach but, I want people to say when they need help "call the Elders cause Elder Urry will get the job done and he will do it with a smile and put smiles on other peoples face while doing it too. I want to be the missionary they can count on to call and know I will do my very best to get the job done right.  
When you have the right attitude anything can be fun. From pulling weeds to putting in new ball joints on a car which I have also done in the past two weeks. But that does not matter, what does matter, is you are out there to help others through service. We are counseled to teach what we believe and we believe in following Jesus Christ our Savior and redeemer and if He was not teaching others He was serving others in what they needed at that time. I love what I am doing and I know it is right!
Also this week we did have two new investigators who came to church and we taught them the Plan of Salvation which was a great lesson! 
Man I wish I had more time to write!  There is so much going on and not enough time to tell you everything! I hope all is well for everyone at home and where ever you may be. Love you all and thank you for all of your prayers they do help so much!!!

Much love Elder Urry

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