Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter #52 7-6-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!
Well this week was a lot of fun seeing people and going to the C_ and celebrating my 20th birthday with them and a bunch of missionary's and members and people we are working with here. Thanks for the package from everyone that helped with it and all the emails I got on that day it means a lot.
Well this week I was talking to Elder Farnes who is our zone leader. And he is from Arizona and that is not the cool part but he is from Joseph City and lives like 5 minutes from Vaughn's parents and TC was his young men's president and says he knows Kevin, Brenda and Dustin all real well too. But Vaughn you left before he got there cause I guess he was living on his own there. So he told me to tell you guys hi for him!!
Well this week was fun on the 4th for us cause they throw a big July 4th party here in Laramie. As missionary's we go there for the day and just talk with people and have fun with everyone and just show them we are normal people just like them and not crazy like some people think we are.
But right now we are still working with L_ and F_. This week we just talked about our favorite scriptures from the bible. And they both had ones that they like. And L_ said hers was Ephesians which if you look that up it is interesting in what it says and all the things it talks about there in that part of the bible. So we have dinner with them soon so I got to go sorry for the short email, had some service we had to do today.

Love Elder Urry

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