Monday, July 27, 2015

Letter #55 7-27-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
 This week has been a crazy week but we got started off with my favorite part of the week. Well this week on Wednesday we were out seeing people and I got a text from Sister C_ asking if we could come by with the Spring Creek Elders to see them that night. Well we get there and right off the bat I notice something was different in the home.
We found out that Brother C_ quit his job and he was just testifying that everything will be ok and the Lord will protect and help his family because he was no longer safe at his work anymore. And he just was talking about his favorite songs that he alway thinks about and it was “Abide With Me Tis Even Tide” and how that will get him through the hard times, when you read the words in that song and what is says in it, you will see how it helps. And my favorite part is "has made my heart within me burn, as I commune  with thee”. I like this because at this time for Brother C_ there is no better person to turn to than the Lord and he know this as we saw on Wednesday. As long as we do what is right and it is in the Lords plan for us things will work out, we just have to have faith and trust in the Lord in what He wants for us at that time because He does know best for all of us even though we may not think it is best.
Well this week we went and saw F_ and L_ and we talked with them and gave them a little lesson and then F_ said Elder Urry I want to give you something and he went to grab it and handed this to me...

This is a flag patch he wore on his uniform in Iraq when he was hurt. So that was pretty cool. This family, I am really close with and they are very slowly progressing. I am hoping I stay for another transfer to be with them to help them some more and just be their friends as well.

 Well I love you all and miss ya all so much! Hope you have a good week... They are going by sooooo fast!!

Love Elder Urry

Abide with Me; ‘Tis Even Tide

Abide with me; 'tis eventide.
The day is past and gone;
The shadows of the evening fall;
The night is coming on.
Within my heart a welcome guest,
Within my home abide.


O Savior, stay this night with me;
Behold, 'tis eventide.
O Savior, stay this night with me;
Behold, 'tis eventide.

Abide with me; 'tis eventide.
Thy walk today with me
Has made my heart within me burn,
As I communed with thee.
Thy earnest words have filled my soul
And kept me near thy side.

Abide with me; 'tis eventide,
And lone will be the night
If I cannot commune with thee
Nor find in thee my light.
The darkness of the world, I fear,
Would in my home abide.
Text: Lowrie M. Hofford
Music: Harrison Millard, 1830-1895

Made this for breakfast today

Me and Elder Farnese

Monday, July 20, 2015

Letter #54 7-20-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!

Well we have been teaching the E_ family for like a week and a half and this week we set them with a baptism date of August 11 which is after transfers cause that is what I felt at the time, I felt to invite them and they said yes. Well after that we were driving home cause it was the end of the day and Elder Earl ask "hey Elder Urry the date you set is after transfers we should change that so in case you leave you can be here for it"... Well I took this time to tell him how we are on the same team and as much I would like to be here and I could be here, you never know the Lords plan for us. I told him, “this is what I felt impressed to say, so I feel like it is right. We are staying with this date it cause we all then felt it was right. As missionary’s we are like a sports team and it could be any sport you want it to be, the areas are the positions, the missionary's are the players and the coaching staff is Heavenly Father, the Savior, the spirit and the mission president. The coaches position the players to where they think the team would best perform at that time and what is best for the team. Heavenly Father is the “head coach” and He knows what areas missionaries need to be in to help the people that missionary can help.

Well this week I had a cool experience, I don't now if you guys remember Jr. the guy that plays basketball. Well he is not interested to hear the lessons at this time. But like I said, even when people may not be interested, we still get along well, so we will just go see them every other week and just be their friends.  Well I asked Jr if he would help me surprise someone named Duran.  He has down syndrome, and he goes to a place like the Arc of Tempe.  He played in the special Olympics and got a silver meddle for basketball.  He loves UW (University of Wyoming) basketball so I got Jr. to come down and surprised him and it was so fun seeing his reaction to that! It made my day,  just seeing how much fun he had!!

Well in my mission as you all have heard, I love to go out and serve others and just helping in any way I can with anyone who needs it. In the back of my mind the desire for after my mission to serve in the military has grown so much that I am about 85- 90% sure that is what I am going to do.  I have had the opportunity to have many dinners through out my mission with someone from every branch of the military and have learned some things. Don't worry, my focus is on the work I just want to tell everyone that. I love to serve and I am doing the best kind do service right now and that is for the Lord and I can always serve the Lord in my life just not like now we're it is 24/7.  I have felt that I love serving, I love were I live and one way to serve everyone is through serving my Country after this time is up. Other than teaching the gospel and being around people I love the next greatest joy is serving others.  I just felt like sharing that but I will save talking more about it till after my mission. I love doing what I am doing right now and love you all so much!! Have great week!!

Love Elder

Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter #53 7-14-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!
Well last night we were just getting home at 9 pm from service that started at 8 am. So I will be sending this off tomorrow morning. But let's start with today... We went out to this less active family named the E_. Brother E_ is the manager of a ranch here in Wyoming and today was branding day for the calfs. They had only 120 to do today but a few weeks ago they did 500 calfs. So there were about 16 guys out there and like 5 teams of 2 and 3 branders and 3 giving shots to the caves. Well I was on one of the teams of 2. What we did before anything started was we had to get the branding stuff ready and the shots ready and then separate the calfs from the cows. And then get about 30 to 40 cows into one corral cause having all of them in one area, there would be no room.
So what I did and the other groups of two when we got everything ready, was, one would go up to a calf, and let me tell you they do not like humans they are scared of us, so you would go up and grab its left back leg and drag it out to where there was room and then the other guy in your group would come up and grab the front leg. Then we would flip it onto its side and have to hold it down and there is only one way to do that. The smallest calf would weigh at lest 200 pounds, most weighed a lot more!! Then when we had them down they would get 4 shots and get branded.
Now I just made that sound pretty easy and all but it's not!! Some of these calfs are monsters and you have to be rough with them or it won't work! But I loved it, it was so much fun even though I am dead tired after that. But then we had lunch when we were done and me and my two comps stayed and we help Brother E_ move more cows and set more gates so cows could go and be where they need to be. 
After that me and brother E_ change the oil, the whole deal, not just put new oil in but like a new filter and let all the old oil drain out and put new oil in. Then we had to change the ball joints on another four wheeler cause they were all worn out so that took some time and while we did this Elder Earl and Elder Tomson just talked with Sister E_. They also played with the E_ new puppy they got for the ranch that they are going to train. But ya today was a lot of hard work but I had so much fun doing that and it just made the day fly by so fast. 
I have found on my mission that one thing I have grown to love is going out and doing service for people and doing it with them and just learning new things while doing it. I mean each day of the week other than Monday's we have 2 hours of service to do.  On Mondays you can do as much as you want if you want. 
I have also learned that if you show me and walk me through things and how to do them I can do it. For example, in the past two weeks I have done branding, wired a entire room to a house that a member was building and put in a wooden floor. And most of this they would come show me what to do then go off and do other stuff and come check on me or I would go get them for the next step. 
I know the best thing as a missionary we can do is teach when people want to hear what we have to say but we also can teach by going out and serving others and just doing service is the next best thing. 
A goal in in my mission I have set is I may not be the best teacher or the best at finding new people to teach but, I want people to say when they need help "call the Elders cause Elder Urry will get the job done and he will do it with a smile and put smiles on other peoples face while doing it too. I want to be the missionary they can count on to call and know I will do my very best to get the job done right.  
When you have the right attitude anything can be fun. From pulling weeds to putting in new ball joints on a car which I have also done in the past two weeks. But that does not matter, what does matter, is you are out there to help others through service. We are counseled to teach what we believe and we believe in following Jesus Christ our Savior and redeemer and if He was not teaching others He was serving others in what they needed at that time. I love what I am doing and I know it is right!
Also this week we did have two new investigators who came to church and we taught them the Plan of Salvation which was a great lesson! 
Man I wish I had more time to write!  There is so much going on and not enough time to tell you everything! I hope all is well for everyone at home and where ever you may be. Love you all and thank you for all of your prayers they do help so much!!!

Much love Elder Urry

Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter #52 7-6-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!
Well this week was a lot of fun seeing people and going to the C_ and celebrating my 20th birthday with them and a bunch of missionary's and members and people we are working with here. Thanks for the package from everyone that helped with it and all the emails I got on that day it means a lot.
Well this week I was talking to Elder Farnes who is our zone leader. And he is from Arizona and that is not the cool part but he is from Joseph City and lives like 5 minutes from Vaughn's parents and TC was his young men's president and says he knows Kevin, Brenda and Dustin all real well too. But Vaughn you left before he got there cause I guess he was living on his own there. So he told me to tell you guys hi for him!!
Well this week was fun on the 4th for us cause they throw a big July 4th party here in Laramie. As missionary's we go there for the day and just talk with people and have fun with everyone and just show them we are normal people just like them and not crazy like some people think we are.
But right now we are still working with L_ and F_. This week we just talked about our favorite scriptures from the bible. And they both had ones that they like. And L_ said hers was Ephesians which if you look that up it is interesting in what it says and all the things it talks about there in that part of the bible. So we have dinner with them soon so I got to go sorry for the short email, had some service we had to do today.

Love Elder Urry