Monday, June 29, 2015

letter #51 6-29-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
Sound like a crazy week back home with the wedding and all and it sounds like at lot of fun with all that went on there. Well yep I turn 20 on Thursday this week and that night at 6pm the C_, our ward mission leader and 2 other family's are throwing me a birthday party everyone one is bringing something too it I guess. And Sister C_ got the package on Saturday and said to me "your mother said you cant have it till Thursday for your birthday"! She was joking and messing with me and showing it off just to pick with me..hahaha so she is having a lot of fun doing that haha!!!
  Well my new comp has been out 14 months and 2 months ago when we took some of the Billings Montana mission when our mission was expanded, he was moved into our mission. He is from Cibecue Arizona he said he is about 2 hours south of Joseph City he lives on the reservation, and he is Apache. 
 Well this week was a good week we went and saw a less active on Thursday and talked with him with our ward mission leader. And this less active most of the time is vary quiet and does not say much but we did find out he was going out to brand cattle on Saturday with his uncle on their ranch. So we ask if they needed some help and he told us if you want you can come. So we went and it was a lot fun. But man does it stink when branding them and they can kick hard sometimes trust me I found out on Saturday! haha! Mom, Dad I am fine it just left a bruise on my leg. But just being out there with him was good cause he was able just to open up to us and talk and just become our friend. Now it would be cool to say the next day he came to church but that is not the case. But now he knows us and is more comfortable with us. So we will keep going and seeing him more.

 Oh and mom the sacrament and meeting with the apostles you were talking about last week that happens before conference, well we got to watch that as a mission a few week ago, so ya that was pretty cool!! Here are my notes...

 Mission conference 
"Don't give up" the Lord has a time for everyone!
No effort is wasted when you are on the Lords errand. 
People are more important than things.
Love the people you serve more than the worldly thing you could do. They are Gods children.
We give one day in 7 to the Lord.
The sacrament is a time to become better if we use the Lords atonement in the right way. 
Any one can give a voice to a prayer and that is what the sacrament song is like.
The power of the sacrament can do for us.
Forgiveness is why we have the sacrament.
Example of believers are shown through what you do on the sabbath day. 
The rest on Sunday is from your labors NOT the Lords!!
Rest is when we feel at pieces but still using the Lords stealth to do His work.
Where is your heart with the Lord or with the world.
Read D&C 59 
Blessing of a better week. 
Read Luke 22
3 Nephi 18 
If the church is called by Christ’s name it is not His church unless it teaches His gospel. The name of Christ is the substance of the gospel. 
Sacrament is the ONLY ordinance we repeat for ourselves... (What a blessing this can be for us)
Be prepared for the spirit to teach you. And give your self time.
Exodus  31
Ezekiel 20
Isaiah 58
Alma 13

Love Elder Urry

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