Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter #49 6-15-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
This week has been crazy busy with so much stuff going. Well this week I had a similar experience to Eric when he was on his mission with the rat in his apartment. But for me it was at the church building here and instead of a rat it was a squirrel. So on every Tuesdays we have time for family history or time for about an hour. So we
get to the church and I am opening the library and Elder Earl is like, is that a squirrel over there in the church? So I had to look cause one, I did not believe him at first and two that is a little weird that a squirrel got into the church. 
Then once I know it was there I sent Elder Earl around to close all the doors on the other side to any rooms and the chapel but the squirrel was on my side and so I was going slow closing the the doors but when Elder Earl closed one of the chapel doors it took off in there so that really made it hard to keep track of with all the rows of seats and then it went on the stand so that was fun getting it off but we did finally get it out of there and got the doors closed. So the only doors open were to the outside, so Elder Earl kinda just let me do the work and let me tell you keeping a squirrel from not passing you is freaking hard. So I was doing a lot of sprints that day and it would not go out the doors it would run straight into the window and fall over or run up the siding of the window and jump and head back the other way but after about 15 minutes it found one door of two to go out so I ran into that room and closed the door behind me so it was man vs squirrel in a like 8 x 10ft room and I will tell you what... these things can climb like crazy even if there are no trees haha but man did finally win after some time haha!!!!

But this week has been crazy we have seen a lot of people. But I am hoping I get to stay here cause transfers are next week. I cant remember if I have told you much about F_ and L_ E_. They are non members that have come a long way in 3 years. Cause back then they hated missionary's and wanted nothing to do with them. But then after a year or so they would talk to them for a min. or 2 at the C_ who are good friends with them. And then right before I got here they would feed the missionaries but no lessons. 
Now they are feeding us a lot and I have become really close with F_ and we will talk about a bunch of things. And with coming closer with F_ I also have become good friends with L_ too. So we give them like short 5 min. lessons and they will talk about it with us. And the C_ and us want to fast and pray to see if we could start teaching them again after a few year because of how close we have come with them. But if it is there time the Lord will make a way no matter what, I know that for sure.

Well I love you all and miss ya hope you are doing good! And mom with transfers so close send everything through the mission office.

Love all

Elder Urry

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