Monday, June 8, 2015

Letter #48 6-8-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been a lot of fun with all the things going on. We have been going non stop with lessons and service all week. Ya so, as it is now summer we will be doing lots of service and trying to see as much people as we can but with school out the populations gets cut in half here in Laramie. But right now we are having our most success in finding people to teach through service. Like, this week on Tuesday we went and helped Brother W_ in our ward with his house cause he gutted the entire inside of it and he is doing a new layout and floor plan with new blue prints and all. He is also a personal trainer for one of the basketball players that just graduated from The University of Wyoming this past year, and he had him come help on his house and invited us to come also. So he is now a potential new investigator.  We have had a couple mini short lessons with him and he just tells us to call him Junior, but his real name is C_ H_ Jr. He was the shooting guard this year and right now he is training to try to go over and play in the European professional league there and then try to get good enough to come back and play in the NBA. But right now he has just been asking a lot about what we do as missionary's every day and things like that. So that has lead to a lot of talking about that. And he has asked things about our standards.
So this week we are going to just try to see how interested he is and maybe set up an appointment to start really teaching him. But if he is not ready yet we are still going to see him every Monday with Brother W_ cause we are going and playing basketball with them from 6-8am and there are like 10 or so guys there so that is a lot of fun.
Also this week we went to the Wednesday activity cause bishop asked us to come talk about missionary work to the youth and the importance of it and what it has done for us. And then he just said if we could just hang around and be with them that night if we had time. So that is what we did and we played kickball with them. And, for this ward things like that are really good. Doing something like this every so often is good cause a lot of the youth don't  want to go on missions because it just doesn’t sound fun to them or interesting to them. But for them to see us doing service and teaching and still doing fun little thing like that might help them have an idea of what it is like. So some nights after dinners at the families homes we will do a lesson and then have the youth teach us  something they like or do and we will try it and just interact with them. For example out here in Wyoming we are learning a lot about rodeo stuff like roping and things like that. Most of the things in the rodeo we cant do as  a missionary at this time so I just think by doing things like this will help kids see that a mission is fun and instead of telling them all the time you should go and things like that. If they go it will be truly for themselves and not because someone told them to go.
Missionary work is a great work but you have to want to do it for yourself and for the people you are called to serve or it will be even harder than it is when you want to go. I love this work and service is one of the  best things you can do for people cause it just feels so good to help others and make them happier and their lives easier. 
Love you all so much and have a great week!!

Love Elder Urry

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