Monday, June 1, 2015

Letter #47 6-1-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!
 Well this week was a good week. We did a LOT of service for people here in west Laramie. On Tuesday we went out to this couple named the E_ and just helped them around the house and their ranch. Sister E_ is recovering from the car wreck that she was in. It was hard work but a lot of fun out there just getting to know them cause they are new to this ward and I just had a lot of fun working on the ranch. And this ranch is huge I mean it is 130,000 acres!! That is a lot of land to cover. 
But the best part, in my book, of being out there was 3 guys, me, Elder Earl and Brother E_ trying to get 25 cows to go where you want them to on the ranch, on foot! 
And we did that with a bunch of them because it is the back end of calving season and he is getting them tagged and putting calves with some other cows, cause cows, i guess are really stupid and sometime when a cow has their first calf they will forget they have one and leave it on its own. But anyways we did that and just went around fixing fences all over the ranch. But we did have a good visit with one of his co-workers he was just asking about missionary things and what we do. And so we had a good talk with him and a bit of a lesson while working together but he is not interested in meeting with us just yet, but likes what we do and all. 
  Then after that day we went and did service at this less actives families home. We helped her paint her entire house, floor and everything until about noon. Then from there we went to a new members house who just moved and and we helped him do construction on his house. He is re-doing the entire inside of his house like the lay out, pluming and electrical and everything you could think of! 
Oh! and through all of this it has been very hot here it got up to 81 here yesterday haha. But just doing all of this feels so good just helping people out, on things they need help with. I have grown to love service on my mission cause it just feels good and if you are not having any luck teaching people by talking to them well service is the next best thing. I mean that is what the Lord wants us to do is serve others in any way we can to help.  And also that is what Christ would be doing is serving others if He were here.

 Well this week we had zone meeting as well and that was really good. We talked about sacrifice and giving things up to serve the Lord like we are doing right now. So during this meeting they asked us to write down what we have given up that may of been hard to do, and here is what I put down;

Time in school
Sacrificed not being there for my grandfathers funeral 
Not being there for Andi’s birth 
Not being there for Eric & Rachel’s Wedding
Hearing about people’s hardships and not being able to be there for them.

All of these things are hard things that I have given up to be out here, but giving them up has made me grow and learn a lot of things. And by doing this we are showing love for the Savior by giving these things up. But none of them is as hard as what Heavenly Father did for us and that is He gave His only son to the world to die and atone for things we have done or things we have felt that hurt or anything. 
And cause the Savior did this He knows in all things how we feel and pains we have had in our lives. He is the only one that knows exactly how you feel only Him! 
We only have an idea of what you or I feel like during those times.  So go to Him all the time He will help you in some way or another,  it may not be the way you like but He knows all things and what is best for you. He loves each and everyone of us and wants to help but He cant unless we invite Him in and call on Him. 
He could help us no matter what but that would take away our agency to choose. Also He wants to see if we have faith to go to Him and ask Him for help. 
I love what I am doing, yes I have given up things that have been very hard and some of you may think I am crazy for doing it, but not only will the Lord bless me while I am out here but He will bless all the people I will touch in some way through the spirit or my actions. It will also bless all of you in some way or another in some time in your life.  I love you all and would do anything for any of you,...I hope you all  know that.  Have a great week and I hope all goes well for you!!!

Much love 
Elder Urry  

“Life is full of difficulties, some minor and others of a more serious nature. There seems to be an unending supply of challenges for one and all. Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges, forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required.”
–President Thomas S. Monson

“Patience--a Heavenly Virtue,” Ensign, Nov. 1995, 59

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