Monday, June 29, 2015

letter #51 6-29-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
Sound like a crazy week back home with the wedding and all and it sounds like at lot of fun with all that went on there. Well yep I turn 20 on Thursday this week and that night at 6pm the C_, our ward mission leader and 2 other family's are throwing me a birthday party everyone one is bringing something too it I guess. And Sister C_ got the package on Saturday and said to me "your mother said you cant have it till Thursday for your birthday"! She was joking and messing with me and showing it off just to pick with me..hahaha so she is having a lot of fun doing that haha!!!
  Well my new comp has been out 14 months and 2 months ago when we took some of the Billings Montana mission when our mission was expanded, he was moved into our mission. He is from Cibecue Arizona he said he is about 2 hours south of Joseph City he lives on the reservation, and he is Apache. 
 Well this week was a good week we went and saw a less active on Thursday and talked with him with our ward mission leader. And this less active most of the time is vary quiet and does not say much but we did find out he was going out to brand cattle on Saturday with his uncle on their ranch. So we ask if they needed some help and he told us if you want you can come. So we went and it was a lot fun. But man does it stink when branding them and they can kick hard sometimes trust me I found out on Saturday! haha! Mom, Dad I am fine it just left a bruise on my leg. But just being out there with him was good cause he was able just to open up to us and talk and just become our friend. Now it would be cool to say the next day he came to church but that is not the case. But now he knows us and is more comfortable with us. So we will keep going and seeing him more.

 Oh and mom the sacrament and meeting with the apostles you were talking about last week that happens before conference, well we got to watch that as a mission a few week ago, so ya that was pretty cool!! Here are my notes...

 Mission conference 
"Don't give up" the Lord has a time for everyone!
No effort is wasted when you are on the Lords errand. 
People are more important than things.
Love the people you serve more than the worldly thing you could do. They are Gods children.
We give one day in 7 to the Lord.
The sacrament is a time to become better if we use the Lords atonement in the right way. 
Any one can give a voice to a prayer and that is what the sacrament song is like.
The power of the sacrament can do for us.
Forgiveness is why we have the sacrament.
Example of believers are shown through what you do on the sabbath day. 
The rest on Sunday is from your labors NOT the Lords!!
Rest is when we feel at pieces but still using the Lords stealth to do His work.
Where is your heart with the Lord or with the world.
Read D&C 59 
Blessing of a better week. 
Read Luke 22
3 Nephi 18 
If the church is called by Christ’s name it is not His church unless it teaches His gospel. The name of Christ is the substance of the gospel. 
Sacrament is the ONLY ordinance we repeat for ourselves... (What a blessing this can be for us)
Be prepared for the spirit to teach you. And give your self time.
Exodus  31
Ezekiel 20
Isaiah 58
Alma 13

Love Elder Urry

Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter #50 6-22-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
It has been a good week here in Laramie with lots going on. Well this transfer has come and gone but me and Elder Earl are both staying but they are sending a us a 3rd missionary for this transfer so that will be fun being in a trio!  And dad that is cool you flew over Laramie this week, just by looking at that photo you took a photo of downtown Laramie you can see the University of Wyoming football stadium and Grand, which is the main street which heads east and west here.  But you do not see my area of Laramie in the photo, I am more west.
And Eric thanks for the email I  am so excited for you guys this week. I will not get to call  you like you did Brian. But this next step in your life is one the biggest steps. There are going to  be good, great and there will be hard times. But one I know is no matter
what time you are going through there will be 3 people there... the 1st two are you and Rachel and then the 3rd is the Savior who is with you guys all the time through the spirit if you are worthy. So in times of happiness go to Him in gratitude and then in times of
hardship go to Him for help and suggestions but also have a plan like the Brother of Jared. Cause the Savior knows you better than Rachel and the Savior knows Rachel better than you. He loves you both and wants the best for your family. And He knows you better than Rachel does. I am so excited for you both and yes I do wish I could be there but this is were the Lord needs me at this time, if I needed to be there I would be but I am here doing what He wants right now.
Well this was cool yesterday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders because one was sick and they needed to be at church for the investigator so I went with Elder Mola and went to church in the YSA ward after our ward sacrament meeting. Elder Earl went with Elder Snelders and they just stayed home so Elder Snelders could  get
better.  But after church I had a meeting with their investigator and talked about the 
Plan of Salvation with him. And set him with a date of July 11th for baptism. So that is cool for him. And just the experiences he has had with the spirit it is so cool to hear about.

Love you Elder Urry

Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter #49 6-15-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!!
This week has been crazy busy with so much stuff going. Well this week I had a similar experience to Eric when he was on his mission with the rat in his apartment. But for me it was at the church building here and instead of a rat it was a squirrel. So on every Tuesdays we have time for family history or time for about an hour. So we
get to the church and I am opening the library and Elder Earl is like, is that a squirrel over there in the church? So I had to look cause one, I did not believe him at first and two that is a little weird that a squirrel got into the church. 
Then once I know it was there I sent Elder Earl around to close all the doors on the other side to any rooms and the chapel but the squirrel was on my side and so I was going slow closing the the doors but when Elder Earl closed one of the chapel doors it took off in there so that really made it hard to keep track of with all the rows of seats and then it went on the stand so that was fun getting it off but we did finally get it out of there and got the doors closed. So the only doors open were to the outside, so Elder Earl kinda just let me do the work and let me tell you keeping a squirrel from not passing you is freaking hard. So I was doing a lot of sprints that day and it would not go out the doors it would run straight into the window and fall over or run up the siding of the window and jump and head back the other way but after about 15 minutes it found one door of two to go out so I ran into that room and closed the door behind me so it was man vs squirrel in a like 8 x 10ft room and I will tell you what... these things can climb like crazy even if there are no trees haha but man did finally win after some time haha!!!!

But this week has been crazy we have seen a lot of people. But I am hoping I get to stay here cause transfers are next week. I cant remember if I have told you much about F_ and L_ E_. They are non members that have come a long way in 3 years. Cause back then they hated missionary's and wanted nothing to do with them. But then after a year or so they would talk to them for a min. or 2 at the C_ who are good friends with them. And then right before I got here they would feed the missionaries but no lessons. 
Now they are feeding us a lot and I have become really close with F_ and we will talk about a bunch of things. And with coming closer with F_ I also have become good friends with L_ too. So we give them like short 5 min. lessons and they will talk about it with us. And the C_ and us want to fast and pray to see if we could start teaching them again after a few year because of how close we have come with them. But if it is there time the Lord will make a way no matter what, I know that for sure.

Well I love you all and miss ya hope you are doing good! And mom with transfers so close send everything through the mission office.

Love all

Elder Urry

Monday, June 8, 2015

Letter #48 6-8-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been a lot of fun with all the things going on. We have been going non stop with lessons and service all week. Ya so, as it is now summer we will be doing lots of service and trying to see as much people as we can but with school out the populations gets cut in half here in Laramie. But right now we are having our most success in finding people to teach through service. Like, this week on Tuesday we went and helped Brother W_ in our ward with his house cause he gutted the entire inside of it and he is doing a new layout and floor plan with new blue prints and all. He is also a personal trainer for one of the basketball players that just graduated from The University of Wyoming this past year, and he had him come help on his house and invited us to come also. So he is now a potential new investigator.  We have had a couple mini short lessons with him and he just tells us to call him Junior, but his real name is C_ H_ Jr. He was the shooting guard this year and right now he is training to try to go over and play in the European professional league there and then try to get good enough to come back and play in the NBA. But right now he has just been asking a lot about what we do as missionary's every day and things like that. So that has lead to a lot of talking about that. And he has asked things about our standards.
So this week we are going to just try to see how interested he is and maybe set up an appointment to start really teaching him. But if he is not ready yet we are still going to see him every Monday with Brother W_ cause we are going and playing basketball with them from 6-8am and there are like 10 or so guys there so that is a lot of fun.
Also this week we went to the Wednesday activity cause bishop asked us to come talk about missionary work to the youth and the importance of it and what it has done for us. And then he just said if we could just hang around and be with them that night if we had time. So that is what we did and we played kickball with them. And, for this ward things like that are really good. Doing something like this every so often is good cause a lot of the youth don't  want to go on missions because it just doesn’t sound fun to them or interesting to them. But for them to see us doing service and teaching and still doing fun little thing like that might help them have an idea of what it is like. So some nights after dinners at the families homes we will do a lesson and then have the youth teach us  something they like or do and we will try it and just interact with them. For example out here in Wyoming we are learning a lot about rodeo stuff like roping and things like that. Most of the things in the rodeo we cant do as  a missionary at this time so I just think by doing things like this will help kids see that a mission is fun and instead of telling them all the time you should go and things like that. If they go it will be truly for themselves and not because someone told them to go.
Missionary work is a great work but you have to want to do it for yourself and for the people you are called to serve or it will be even harder than it is when you want to go. I love this work and service is one of the  best things you can do for people cause it just feels so good to help others and make them happier and their lives easier. 
Love you all so much and have a great week!!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, June 1, 2015

Letter #47 6-1-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey everyone!!!
 Well this week was a good week. We did a LOT of service for people here in west Laramie. On Tuesday we went out to this couple named the E_ and just helped them around the house and their ranch. Sister E_ is recovering from the car wreck that she was in. It was hard work but a lot of fun out there just getting to know them cause they are new to this ward and I just had a lot of fun working on the ranch. And this ranch is huge I mean it is 130,000 acres!! That is a lot of land to cover. 
But the best part, in my book, of being out there was 3 guys, me, Elder Earl and Brother E_ trying to get 25 cows to go where you want them to on the ranch, on foot! 
And we did that with a bunch of them because it is the back end of calving season and he is getting them tagged and putting calves with some other cows, cause cows, i guess are really stupid and sometime when a cow has their first calf they will forget they have one and leave it on its own. But anyways we did that and just went around fixing fences all over the ranch. But we did have a good visit with one of his co-workers he was just asking about missionary things and what we do. And so we had a good talk with him and a bit of a lesson while working together but he is not interested in meeting with us just yet, but likes what we do and all. 
  Then after that day we went and did service at this less actives families home. We helped her paint her entire house, floor and everything until about noon. Then from there we went to a new members house who just moved and and we helped him do construction on his house. He is re-doing the entire inside of his house like the lay out, pluming and electrical and everything you could think of! 
Oh! and through all of this it has been very hot here it got up to 81 here yesterday haha. But just doing all of this feels so good just helping people out, on things they need help with. I have grown to love service on my mission cause it just feels good and if you are not having any luck teaching people by talking to them well service is the next best thing. I mean that is what the Lord wants us to do is serve others in any way we can to help.  And also that is what Christ would be doing is serving others if He were here.

 Well this week we had zone meeting as well and that was really good. We talked about sacrifice and giving things up to serve the Lord like we are doing right now. So during this meeting they asked us to write down what we have given up that may of been hard to do, and here is what I put down;

Time in school
Sacrificed not being there for my grandfathers funeral 
Not being there for Andi’s birth 
Not being there for Eric & Rachel’s Wedding
Hearing about people’s hardships and not being able to be there for them.

All of these things are hard things that I have given up to be out here, but giving them up has made me grow and learn a lot of things. And by doing this we are showing love for the Savior by giving these things up. But none of them is as hard as what Heavenly Father did for us and that is He gave His only son to the world to die and atone for things we have done or things we have felt that hurt or anything. 
And cause the Savior did this He knows in all things how we feel and pains we have had in our lives. He is the only one that knows exactly how you feel only Him! 
We only have an idea of what you or I feel like during those times.  So go to Him all the time He will help you in some way or another,  it may not be the way you like but He knows all things and what is best for you. He loves each and everyone of us and wants to help but He cant unless we invite Him in and call on Him. 
He could help us no matter what but that would take away our agency to choose. Also He wants to see if we have faith to go to Him and ask Him for help. 
I love what I am doing, yes I have given up things that have been very hard and some of you may think I am crazy for doing it, but not only will the Lord bless me while I am out here but He will bless all the people I will touch in some way through the spirit or my actions. It will also bless all of you in some way or another in some time in your life.  I love you all and would do anything for any of you,...I hope you all  know that.  Have a great week and I hope all goes well for you!!!

Much love 
Elder Urry  

“Life is full of difficulties, some minor and others of a more serious nature. There seems to be an unending supply of challenges for one and all. Our problem is that we often expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges, forgetting that frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required.”
–President Thomas S. Monson

“Patience--a Heavenly Virtue,” Ensign, Nov. 1995, 59