Monday, May 11, 2015

Letter #44 5-11-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

 Hey Everyone!
 Well Yesterday was a lot of fun talking to all of you on skype and the package came today mom!! haha I will get it off to Alli sometime this week! 
 So last night after the call we had dinner and then went to F_ and L_. And so the C_ have been working with them for like 2 years cause they hated missionary’s and would never talk to them because of some people who were members that they knew in there past who told them some not very good things just cause they were not members. But anyways we have had dinner there 2 times but they did not want a message after that at the time. So I was fine with that cause from not even talking to us to having us over for dinner is a big jump. So last night we just went and said hi and talk for some time, and I knew F_ has thought of and is interested in the church, he just was not doing cause his wife is against it. And I say that because he has done 2 tours in Iraq and been shot once and has seen very crazy things happen. So I just feel like with what he has told me he has had to think of what would happen if he did die cause he has come close twice. And when he is with Brother C_ and it is just them he will ask questions and thing like that. Well last night right as we were about to leave L_ opened up to us and just started talking about gospel thing and what she thinks and feels. And that so cool cause she has never done that. I mean it will most likely be a few more years before she may take the lesson but that is ok she has made so much improvement already which is so cool for here. So last night after I just prayed for what to do from this point. And well right now I still feel we will go and just be there friends and if questions come up we will talk about it. 

 Well hope you all have a good week!! Miss you all and hope all is well!
Much love 

Elder Urry 

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