Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter #43 5-4-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!
 Well mom Sunday will be crazy for me because that is the day Elder Corpus will be going to the mission home and I do not know what the plan is for me yet and the Snowy Range ward is at 9am to noon. So most likely it will be around 4 or 5 your time because up to then I am busy and it will be hard to call before then. And I am doing it at the Coles as of now and Sister Cole will be calling you sometime this week to get the skype and info so we can have everything ready and I will just call on the phone when I am about to skype. 

 Well this week has been alright for me. Not as much work done this week with my comp going home soon. But we still try to see some people but other than that it is fun to see that he is very excited to see his family after 2 years. Also Monday next week I may or may not email that day cause transfers are on Monday for this transfer cause President has a meeting in Salt Lake on Tuesday. 

 Well every Tuesday there is a stop smoking program and our ward mission leader and us are in charge of it. When I first heard of this starting up I thought there were just going to be a bunch of tricks to help the people stop smoking and that is what we would be talking about with them.  But it is mainly centered around the Atonement and Jesus Christ our Savior and putting our trust in Him to help us through it. 
Just talking about trust in the Savior this week made me think when we pray and ask for things that we may want or have happen, and we have faith that He will answer that prayer and He will! It may not be in our time or the way we want Him to answer. But that is where trust comes in because we have to trust in Him that He knows whats best for us and He know what we need and when we need it too. 
This is probably one of the hardest things to learn and to accept for us and for me in particular because there have been times where I go to the Lord in a time when I need help and I do get an answer every time but I dont get the answer I would say I want every time but I do get an answer, and that is what the Lord wants at that time. When I look back and you look back one day we will see that what happened there was for the best for us. 

 Well I hope you all have a great week this week!! And mom happy mothers day!!! And to any other moms out there that may read or hear about this, happy mothers day to you too! Family's would not serve as well with out you there!!! Thank you!!!! Well I love you all and miss you all!!

Much Love 

Elder Urry  

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