Monday, May 18, 2015

Letter #45 5-18-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well Elder Earl is my new comp. We are doing alright. He is 23 years old and from Utah. He just came from Elder Shield’s he was my comp after Elder Torres. And he loved him. But we are doing good right now. O ya D_ from my last area got his mission call he leaves July 1st to the MTC! He has been called the the Logan Utah mission haha he joked so much about if he had to go to Utah and like how it wont happen and then he got called there hahaha! 
   Well this week we found a new investigator through our ward mission leader, he is from West Africa and his name is S_. He has a thick African accent. But Brian I know that is not the same place but I told him about how you served in South Africa mission and then he and I really clicked through that and he is just so friendly and kind. But he and I did click and Brian could you send some photos of your mission to me and I could show him after the lessons and things like that. But it was funny cause when we came by we were just telling him how we do this full time for 2 years and he was like "I’m so sorry, people here are so mean to people like you guys who are doing something good. You need to go to Africa and everyone is so kind and nice to them” haha! So I am so excited to meet with him!! Also this week we went out and saw a new family in our ward named the E_. We just got their recorders, she wanted a blessing because of an accident she had.  She was being towed in their 1993 Geo Metro haha! Sound somewhat familiar to everyone!? Well she was in the car and her husband was towing it and they were going a little fast and she over corrected and the car rolled!  She was thrown from the car out the window that was already broken. But she keep saying how blessed she was cause she had no outer body damage done to her and she has only a few broken ribs and some other things but she said she is ok. We were able to give her a blessing and we will probably be going back out this week to help around the house and on the ranch with she and her husband so they can get things done.

Well this week was fun and I miss you all hope all is well back at home with everyone. 

Love Elder Urry

PS nice face Eric in one of the photo's!! 

and I am surprised to hear about Coach Shepperd this week. 

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