Monday, May 25, 2015

Letter #46 5-25-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey everyone!
Well I am writing my first letter to you on my brand new iPad... mine!! We had a 6 hour meeting as a mission with Elder Nielsen from the seventy and a member from church head quarters. And some things for you to know, is now you can email me any day of the week and I can see it that day when I have time but I can't respond till Monday. Also, we are going to be slowly moving everything to this, overtime. And yes we will be allowed on Facebook in a month or so then we can do missionary work through that way. And from now on, on Christmas and Mother's Day this is where I will be skyping from is on this. Also mom and dad they don't go through us you and the stake president will meet to see what you want do on paying for this cause you will soon get a $400 bill in the mail hahaha. (We pay for it because I will bring it home with me when I return.)

 Well I am doing great! There is a lot of work here we are doing, and yes sometimes it can be hard. Last week I was just trying to give you an idea of what things are like. But what you said, Mom, does really help in all aspects for me and for us in life. And right now what I am learning is how to work best with my companion and just being a better person in general myself. He is a great missionary and person!  And yes I am going to the Lord a lot during this time to know what I can do to be better. 
 Well the work was stopped for 2 days this week and we could not meet with S_, the man I talked about last week so we will be meeting with him on Thursday. The reason it stopped was Tuesday night I got home and was getting ready for bed and my right eye was dark red and so I found out I had pink eye. So the next day I had to go see a doctor and get some eye drops. But by Thursday I was better and got to go on splits with my bishop and ward mission leader. I went with bishop and my comp went with the ward mission leader. So that was a great night! We got to go through a lot of names that the ward did not know and we just saw if they were still living there and how they were doing.
Well I love this area even though times sometimes can be hard, if a mission was not hard it would not be the two most rewarding years of your life. When times are easy we do not learn as much and grow as much. I know what I am doing is right and there are so many people I have become close with on my mission and so many of them have helped me grow too. I love you all so much and miss you.
Love Elder Urry

Mom any kind of church music is fine.

PS: starting something this week I well send a quote once a week..."Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions" (elder Dallin H. Oaks)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Letter #45 5-18-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well Elder Earl is my new comp. We are doing alright. He is 23 years old and from Utah. He just came from Elder Shield’s he was my comp after Elder Torres. And he loved him. But we are doing good right now. O ya D_ from my last area got his mission call he leaves July 1st to the MTC! He has been called the the Logan Utah mission haha he joked so much about if he had to go to Utah and like how it wont happen and then he got called there hahaha! 
   Well this week we found a new investigator through our ward mission leader, he is from West Africa and his name is S_. He has a thick African accent. But Brian I know that is not the same place but I told him about how you served in South Africa mission and then he and I really clicked through that and he is just so friendly and kind. But he and I did click and Brian could you send some photos of your mission to me and I could show him after the lessons and things like that. But it was funny cause when we came by we were just telling him how we do this full time for 2 years and he was like "I’m so sorry, people here are so mean to people like you guys who are doing something good. You need to go to Africa and everyone is so kind and nice to them” haha! So I am so excited to meet with him!! Also this week we went out and saw a new family in our ward named the E_. We just got their recorders, she wanted a blessing because of an accident she had.  She was being towed in their 1993 Geo Metro haha! Sound somewhat familiar to everyone!? Well she was in the car and her husband was towing it and they were going a little fast and she over corrected and the car rolled!  She was thrown from the car out the window that was already broken. But she keep saying how blessed she was cause she had no outer body damage done to her and she has only a few broken ribs and some other things but she said she is ok. We were able to give her a blessing and we will probably be going back out this week to help around the house and on the ranch with she and her husband so they can get things done.

Well this week was fun and I miss you all hope all is well back at home with everyone. 

Love Elder Urry

PS nice face Eric in one of the photo's!! 

and I am surprised to hear about Coach Shepperd this week. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Letter #44 5-11-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

 Hey Everyone!
 Well Yesterday was a lot of fun talking to all of you on skype and the package came today mom!! haha I will get it off to Alli sometime this week! 
 So last night after the call we had dinner and then went to F_ and L_. And so the C_ have been working with them for like 2 years cause they hated missionary’s and would never talk to them because of some people who were members that they knew in there past who told them some not very good things just cause they were not members. But anyways we have had dinner there 2 times but they did not want a message after that at the time. So I was fine with that cause from not even talking to us to having us over for dinner is a big jump. So last night we just went and said hi and talk for some time, and I knew F_ has thought of and is interested in the church, he just was not doing cause his wife is against it. And I say that because he has done 2 tours in Iraq and been shot once and has seen very crazy things happen. So I just feel like with what he has told me he has had to think of what would happen if he did die cause he has come close twice. And when he is with Brother C_ and it is just them he will ask questions and thing like that. Well last night right as we were about to leave L_ opened up to us and just started talking about gospel thing and what she thinks and feels. And that so cool cause she has never done that. I mean it will most likely be a few more years before she may take the lesson but that is ok she has made so much improvement already which is so cool for here. So last night after I just prayed for what to do from this point. And well right now I still feel we will go and just be there friends and if questions come up we will talk about it. 

 Well hope you all have a good week!! Miss you all and hope all is well!
Much love 

Elder Urry 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter #43 5-4-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!
 Well mom Sunday will be crazy for me because that is the day Elder Corpus will be going to the mission home and I do not know what the plan is for me yet and the Snowy Range ward is at 9am to noon. So most likely it will be around 4 or 5 your time because up to then I am busy and it will be hard to call before then. And I am doing it at the Coles as of now and Sister Cole will be calling you sometime this week to get the skype and info so we can have everything ready and I will just call on the phone when I am about to skype. 

 Well this week has been alright for me. Not as much work done this week with my comp going home soon. But we still try to see some people but other than that it is fun to see that he is very excited to see his family after 2 years. Also Monday next week I may or may not email that day cause transfers are on Monday for this transfer cause President has a meeting in Salt Lake on Tuesday. 

 Well every Tuesday there is a stop smoking program and our ward mission leader and us are in charge of it. When I first heard of this starting up I thought there were just going to be a bunch of tricks to help the people stop smoking and that is what we would be talking about with them.  But it is mainly centered around the Atonement and Jesus Christ our Savior and putting our trust in Him to help us through it. 
Just talking about trust in the Savior this week made me think when we pray and ask for things that we may want or have happen, and we have faith that He will answer that prayer and He will! It may not be in our time or the way we want Him to answer. But that is where trust comes in because we have to trust in Him that He knows whats best for us and He know what we need and when we need it too. 
This is probably one of the hardest things to learn and to accept for us and for me in particular because there have been times where I go to the Lord in a time when I need help and I do get an answer every time but I dont get the answer I would say I want every time but I do get an answer, and that is what the Lord wants at that time. When I look back and you look back one day we will see that what happened there was for the best for us. 

 Well I hope you all have a great week this week!! And mom happy mothers day!!! And to any other moms out there that may read or hear about this, happy mothers day to you too! Family's would not serve as well with out you there!!! Thank you!!!! Well I love you all and miss you all!!

Much Love 

Elder Urry