Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter #42 4-27-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey everyone! 
Well that stinks for Eric and to hear about him getting hurt after hearing how great of a season he has been having this year. And it is sad to hear about Patrick he was a nice kid and will be missed. And Brian and Steve thanks for responding to what I sent you last week. 
 Well this week has been alright. We did exchanges on Tuesday with the Zone leaders and I got to be with a missionary who I came out with for the day so that was kinda fun for me to be with him for a day. And we had a good lesson with one of their investigators that day and there was a member there with us who said something that kinda hit me and how true the statement was.  “If it is not hard is it worth it for your growth”. 
And just thinking about it when we learn the most is when we are going through a hard time and struggling with something. Ya it is no fun at that time for us to go through but when we face it and try our best to deal with it in the right way we can do a lot better and become a lot better person. This relates to a lot of things in life. I mean when we are talking about doing something for the Lord, how many times does it happen that there will be things that come up and things that most of the time we would rather do that at that time look more fun or you would rather be doing. And Satan is good like that he is able to put things in our path that he knows we like or want at that time. To try to get us to do that instead of what we were going to do. 
For example before my mission about the last 2 weeks so many things were happening or going to happen that I wanted to be apart of or go to and Satan knew that and was doing every thing he could to keep me from going on my mission. 
 I know there is opposition in all things for us and that is how we are going to grow even though it may be hard. But we knew when we decided to come here and follow the plan Christ had for us, that this would be hard and things would happen here that would be hard to go through. This is a our test here on Earth at this time. Just like the conference talk a while back about our “4 minutes” here on the earth, relating to the Olympics and that talk, re-read it, it’s a good talk. How someone like that prepares their entire life and then it is the time to perform and everything they have spent years working for happens in just 4 minutes. Well we were preparing before we came here to earth. And now we are on “the big stage” and we are performing. We can only do our very best, all we can do, and that is what the Lord is asking us to do. And in the end we will be rewarded for that.
 I know this is true and we are here on earth at this time for a reason. I love you all and hope you are doing well back at home. Hope you have a great week!! 

Love Elder Urry

PS Hope you like the photos!!      

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