Monday, April 20, 2015

Letter #41 4-20-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
Mom that is cool Utah got some snow haha! We were not working from Thursday till Sunday cause of a blizzard out here with all the wind and stuff! We got 1-3 feet of snow!! So based off that we did not get to do much work this week! 
But the most crazy part is that it was like 32 to 35 degrees so it was not that cold just a LOT of wind here!!! But with missionaries close by we had a snow ball fight which was fun!! 
 Well yesterday, though, was a busy day with church and just seeing so many people. But the appointment that stood out to me was with a part member family. And the husband isnt a member and he was just asking a lot of question and did not agree with or understand about what we believe, but he loves the things we stand for and just the good people in the church. But what I like about this was he is a smart guy and knows how to use his words and would ask very hard but good questions for us to answer.
This would make me think and listen to the spirit and what it was telling me to say and what it was teaching me and just helping me understand. 
But the one thing I learned is that sometimes you may not have an answer to everything but what we do have is our testimony and that is the strongest thing we have to share with people when we do it by the spirit they can feel the spirit too if they are in tune with it and really want to learn and find out for themselves. All we can do is share with the spirit and invite and extend encouragement and then the rest is up to them to find out what they want to know!
 It has sounded like a crazy week for everyone back at home! Well got to go and get somethings done hope you all have a great week!! Back out to the snow.... it is snowing again!!

Love Elder Urry  

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