Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter #39 4-6-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Jeff received word that his Grandpa Urry passed away on Thursday April 2, 2015.  His Mission President suggested that he call us so we talked with him for about 10 mins on Friday afternoon. As you will see by his letter, it has been a difficult week, one of reflection and deepening his understanding of the purpose of this life.

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this has been a hard few days!! I have been studying the plan of Salvation a lot. And with me always teaching that and talking to people about it and how the Lord is with us every step of the way, made me ask myself deep down, “do you know this is true or are you just talking?” So that was hard for a few days and really made me think. But conference was what I needed at that time cause this conference was all about the plan of Salvation! 
 We are only here for a short time on earth to grow and learn what we need for Eternal life and how to become like our Savior Jesus Christ, our older brother, who grandpa is with now as well as his loving wife who he has not seen in a long time. And I can just see now that when he went to the other side he was welcomed with open arms by Grandma and Jesus Christ saying "well done though good and faithful servant enter into my kingdom." 
 I will not lie to you guys this week has been so hard for me when that happen, but his time has come even though we may not think so sometimes, but he is always with us all the time. Dad now you have your father and mother all the time instead of just when you see them. Cause they are there right with you and are going to help you and all of us until our time comes. He is also with Adam and I bet he and Adam are hanging out a lot when not doing the Lords work, talking about baseball and all kinds of things! Like how Adams missionary work has been going during the time Grandpa was here!
 I know there is more than just this life, we all have things planed for us in the times ahead. 
 We are on His team we chose that team before we came here to earth and we have had to work hard to stay on the path and on this team because the other team is very good at what they do, which is deceiving us. But unlike any other game we know who will win the game it is just a matter of what team are you going to choose? I love you all and I am doing better, this Thursday is interviews with our mission president for our zone. So I will be able to talk to President Brown one on one for some time!

Love Elder Urry    

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