Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter #42 4-27-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey everyone! 
Well that stinks for Eric and to hear about him getting hurt after hearing how great of a season he has been having this year. And it is sad to hear about Patrick he was a nice kid and will be missed. And Brian and Steve thanks for responding to what I sent you last week. 
 Well this week has been alright. We did exchanges on Tuesday with the Zone leaders and I got to be with a missionary who I came out with for the day so that was kinda fun for me to be with him for a day. And we had a good lesson with one of their investigators that day and there was a member there with us who said something that kinda hit me and how true the statement was.  “If it is not hard is it worth it for your growth”. 
And just thinking about it when we learn the most is when we are going through a hard time and struggling with something. Ya it is no fun at that time for us to go through but when we face it and try our best to deal with it in the right way we can do a lot better and become a lot better person. This relates to a lot of things in life. I mean when we are talking about doing something for the Lord, how many times does it happen that there will be things that come up and things that most of the time we would rather do that at that time look more fun or you would rather be doing. And Satan is good like that he is able to put things in our path that he knows we like or want at that time. To try to get us to do that instead of what we were going to do. 
For example before my mission about the last 2 weeks so many things were happening or going to happen that I wanted to be apart of or go to and Satan knew that and was doing every thing he could to keep me from going on my mission. 
 I know there is opposition in all things for us and that is how we are going to grow even though it may be hard. But we knew when we decided to come here and follow the plan Christ had for us, that this would be hard and things would happen here that would be hard to go through. This is a our test here on Earth at this time. Just like the conference talk a while back about our “4 minutes” here on the earth, relating to the Olympics and that talk, re-read it, it’s a good talk. How someone like that prepares their entire life and then it is the time to perform and everything they have spent years working for happens in just 4 minutes. Well we were preparing before we came here to earth. And now we are on “the big stage” and we are performing. We can only do our very best, all we can do, and that is what the Lord is asking us to do. And in the end we will be rewarded for that.
 I know this is true and we are here on earth at this time for a reason. I love you all and hope you are doing well back at home. Hope you have a great week!! 

Love Elder Urry

PS Hope you like the photos!!      

Monday, April 20, 2015

Letter #41 4-20-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
Mom that is cool Utah got some snow haha! We were not working from Thursday till Sunday cause of a blizzard out here with all the wind and stuff! We got 1-3 feet of snow!! So based off that we did not get to do much work this week! 
But the most crazy part is that it was like 32 to 35 degrees so it was not that cold just a LOT of wind here!!! But with missionaries close by we had a snow ball fight which was fun!! 
 Well yesterday, though, was a busy day with church and just seeing so many people. But the appointment that stood out to me was with a part member family. And the husband isnt a member and he was just asking a lot of question and did not agree with or understand about what we believe, but he loves the things we stand for and just the good people in the church. But what I like about this was he is a smart guy and knows how to use his words and would ask very hard but good questions for us to answer.
This would make me think and listen to the spirit and what it was telling me to say and what it was teaching me and just helping me understand. 
But the one thing I learned is that sometimes you may not have an answer to everything but what we do have is our testimony and that is the strongest thing we have to share with people when we do it by the spirit they can feel the spirit too if they are in tune with it and really want to learn and find out for themselves. All we can do is share with the spirit and invite and extend encouragement and then the rest is up to them to find out what they want to know!
 It has sounded like a crazy week for everyone back at home! Well got to go and get somethings done hope you all have a great week!! Back out to the snow.... it is snowing again!!

Love Elder Urry  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter #40 4-13-2015 Laramie, Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!!
Mom thank you for the photos and the letter this week! And I am writing today cause we had no time yesterday to come email. But this week was good and we got to see a lot of people and visit with them! But the highlight of my week was yesterday we went to the University of Wyoming Library and went to the second floor.   They keep valuable books up there that you only can see them with someone who works there and you make an appointment with them. So yesterday I got a to hold and read and one of the original 1st printed Book of Mormons from 1830!! I will send you pic's when I can so you can see them it was way cool I took a lot of photo's and just looked at it for like 10 minutes. It is one of the only places you can go and hold it in the world and the lady there said the last one was sold for about $250,000. It is the book most asked about, meaning people want to see it all the time!!! So that is kinda cool. Then I also saw a 1661 King James version bible and that is one of the 1st to cause they started making them about 5 years before. Also one interesting fact, did you know that when the church was 1st restored we actually had our own language that we spoke and wrote in? I got to see that too and the Book of Mormon was in that language as well as English! So this was very cool to go see. When you guys come here that will have to be a stop we make after my mission so you guys can see that and hold all of them because it was a fun time and you would like it!! 
 Well this week was good but as my mission has gone on we do tracting probably every other week and we do get turned away a lot, some very kind and some not so much. Well some of the kind people will talk to us for sometime and just kinda be friend us cause they support what we do. So one thing I have done with people, is continue to see them every so often and just be there friends and most of the time they will ask a question or 2 to us about the church as it comes up but they still don't want to take lessons and I am fine with that. Now why do I do this if say we are not "teaching them" like you would an investigator? Well I feel it is right and what Christ would do when He was here on the earth. Cause I know He loves everyone no matter what and no matter if they want to listen to what He wants to teach them. Plus as a missionary we are called to invite others to Christ and help them build there faith in Christ to follow Him. And when I say build faith that means in Christ and being more Christ like people. There are a lot of very good people out there that are very faithful in their Church. Sometime's it is nice to just talk to them and see what they believe and see the similarities we have and how they have so many good truths and are great people. On my mission I have met a lot of great people that 90% of the time are people I would have over looked before my mission just cause I would not be comfortable to talk to them or they look like a sketchy person on the outside. “DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER” cause sometimes it can be a great book!! I mean I just think of A_ from Sterling, a wonderful man and man I have learned a lot from in my time in Sterling.  I would say most of us if we saw A_ walking down the street and did not know him we would not talk to him cause he looks like a scary man at first. I am not saying go talk to everyone and possibly put yourself in danger of being hurt, but what I am saying is give everyone one a chance, because every person out there is a child of god and has the light of Christ in them. We dont know what is going on in their lives at that time and why they might be that way. And sometimes all it takes is a true friend to have and you can be that true friend that no one else could be for that person at that time.
 Hope you all have a great week this week!!! Miss you all and pray for all of you all the time.

Love Elder Urry 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter #39 4-6-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Jeff received word that his Grandpa Urry passed away on Thursday April 2, 2015.  His Mission President suggested that he call us so we talked with him for about 10 mins on Friday afternoon. As you will see by his letter, it has been a difficult week, one of reflection and deepening his understanding of the purpose of this life.

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this has been a hard few days!! I have been studying the plan of Salvation a lot. And with me always teaching that and talking to people about it and how the Lord is with us every step of the way, made me ask myself deep down, “do you know this is true or are you just talking?” So that was hard for a few days and really made me think. But conference was what I needed at that time cause this conference was all about the plan of Salvation! 
 We are only here for a short time on earth to grow and learn what we need for Eternal life and how to become like our Savior Jesus Christ, our older brother, who grandpa is with now as well as his loving wife who he has not seen in a long time. And I can just see now that when he went to the other side he was welcomed with open arms by Grandma and Jesus Christ saying "well done though good and faithful servant enter into my kingdom." 
 I will not lie to you guys this week has been so hard for me when that happen, but his time has come even though we may not think so sometimes, but he is always with us all the time. Dad now you have your father and mother all the time instead of just when you see them. Cause they are there right with you and are going to help you and all of us until our time comes. He is also with Adam and I bet he and Adam are hanging out a lot when not doing the Lords work, talking about baseball and all kinds of things! Like how Adams missionary work has been going during the time Grandpa was here!
 I know there is more than just this life, we all have things planed for us in the times ahead. 
 We are on His team we chose that team before we came here to earth and we have had to work hard to stay on the path and on this team because the other team is very good at what they do, which is deceiving us. But unlike any other game we know who will win the game it is just a matter of what team are you going to choose? I love you all and I am doing better, this Thursday is interviews with our mission president for our zone. So I will be able to talk to President Brown one on one for some time!

Love Elder Urry