Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter #35 3-10-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
 Well we had no where to write yesterday so we could not write home so that is why I am writing today to all of you. Well this week was a fun week and yes mom I did get the package and thanks for that it was fun to get!! Holy crap Eric stealing home is no joke that is cool!!!
 Well a week or 2 ago me and my comp had a dinner appointment with a family named the C_ and it was a lot of fun and at this dinner they started talking about hot peppers and what peppers are the hottest ones in the world and things like that. Well the hottest pepper in the world is the Carolina Reaper. So the next day around 10 am we got a call from Sister C_ saying “hey I am ordering 6 of these peppers we want to do missionary vs Carolina Reaper.” So we accepted the challenge and agreed to do it...  Well Saturday of last week was the big day when each of us had to eat one pepper. 
 So I am going to us this as an analogy comparing what the pepper is like and how that relates to how the adversary works against us. 
So when you first put the pepper in your mouth it has a sweet taste and does not burn at all. That is Satan, he makes things look sweet and good that really are not. Then after about a minute it starts to burn a little but still bearable. Satan then goes one step farther "hey you already did this so this is not as bad you thought so you can do it  and you will be ok." That is what he makes us think.  And then about another minute into it, it starts to get really bad and some people start tearing up, some get the hick ups and some it just burns really bad! Haha trust me I know!!! And then in 6 minutes is when you peek and it is at the hottest point. And this is like hitting rock bottom and Satan is like “you have gone too far, you can not be forgiven there is not point even trying.”
Well that is a lie and we know it because we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help us everyday of every week. We are not perfect and the Lord does not expect us to be. That is why He gave us the great gift of the Atonement.  I cant remember where I was reading a few weeks ago but I read in one of the Church magazines something like “He, even when it may not be the perfect decision to make, Christ would rather see us make that decision, let us use our free agency, and not drag us along and tell us every thing we should do. Because when we make a choice, we might learn, “hey that was not the best choice.” At that very moment we become more Christ like and more like Him. 
Now what is the Atonement comparison, well we need help to cool our mouth down from those peppers, so what we use was ice cream and milk, and the ice cream and milk help a little and take some of the pain away but not fully. When we repent we need to feel that pain and sorrow for what we have done and it helps us through that pain a little more. And then after we take the rest of the steps of repentance we can be forgiven but it takes TIME! Just like in eating the peppers, it takes time for the burn to go away and for your mouth to feel better. It took about 15-20 minutes for all of us to be back to 100% haha! It was fun!
 Well I know that repentance and the atonement work! Never think otherwise. 

Well I love you all and care about everyone of you! Hope you have a fun week!

Love Elder Urry      

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