Monday, March 2, 2015

Letter #34 3-2-2015 Laramie Wyoming

Hey Everyone!!
 Well it is so nice today it is 30 degrees with no wind so no jacket for me!! And mom I hope you sent the package to the new address that I gave you or I will never get it they will just throw it out president told us that, with packages!
 Well this week was great we had a district meeting and it was on being Successful as a missionary and what we think that is. 
There is a quote from a motivational speech we heard. It said "when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath then you will be successful!" We all want to see thing happen but we need to want it bad enough that we will do anything for that. As missionaries we get out of the house at 10am and go till 9pm, and everyone thinks a missionary’s success is  based of how many people we baptize. Well that is not true we are here to teach through the spirit and when we do that we learn too and that is the most important thing, that we convert ourself and the best way is through teaching people and helping them feel the spirit! 
 But we all are missionary's every day all the time. People know a lot about Mormons and the things we mainly should not do and they are always watching all the time even if we think they are not sometimes. Now that is even more true when we have a name tag on. People know what missionary's look like and should do. There are two names on our missionary name tags, one name is Elder Urry which represents my family and who I am and where I am from! But the most important name on my tag is Jesus Christ. People see that and this is who we are trying to represent all the time and when we are dedicated to Him and trying to become like Him that is what changes us and make us become a better person! Also changes come with all the thing we go through out here in the mission field. But we need to try to be like our Savior every day! And we all can do that cause every person has that light in them, the Light of Christ, and can become like Him. 

Well I loved the photos and hearing about the week hope all goes well this coming week. 
Well love you all!!!

Love Elder Urry           

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