Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter #33 2-23-2015 Laramie Wyoming

 Hey Everyone!!!!
 Well it is cold here!!!!! Yesterday was 7 degrees with a 7 to 10 mph wind chill and wind makes it 10x worse haha! Well I am in a college town and the stake center is about 10 minutes from our house. We go to another building to have church but this week was stake conference so I am still trying to meet people here in the ward! 
 Well for every new missionary to this area we go to an older lady's house and you have to sing a solo "Called to Serve" for her. She makes everyone do it and if you dont do it the day you meet her she will have the entire zone over and you will have to do it in front of them... so I sang the first time I met her so just my Companion Elder Corpus heard it. haha 
My new companion is Elder Corpus, he has 3 months left on his mission he will be going home May 12th, so he is excited for that and kinda sad at the same time. But he is a cool guy and we have been getting along for the 1st week and I think it will continue cause we both have similar interests. He is from Oregon. So he does not like ASU as much hahaha but that is something we just mess around with. 
 Well we do have a baptism this Saturday for a woman named J_ and her husband is a member just not active.  But through teaching her he has become more active in the church which is great so that will be fun to see even though I came towards the end of her discussions. But she is making a big change in her life and it will help here and she is very excited for that change. 
 That is hard to hear about J_ dad. I can tell you from what I have seen while serving as a district leader and having to help an Elder who lost his mom. President asked me to go on exchanges with him and talk with him. All we can do is be there for him and pray for him and let him know he has people that love him. This is one of the reasons for the Atonement, only Christ knows exactly how we feel and that is why we need to lean on Him and let Him lift our burdens. Mom if you could send me his email I would like to write him. Thanks.

Well I love you all and happy birthday dad!!! You have the same birthday as my mission president haha!

Love Elder Urry    

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