Monday, February 16, 2015

Letter #32 2-16-2015 Sterling, Colorado

 Hey Everyone!!!
Thanks to everyone for your letters.  I love reading them they strengthen me as well as my testimony.  I know I have people who love and care about me and are always there for me if I need them... even here in Sterling! 

 Well speaking of Sterling I am being transferred, and transfers are tomorrow, I am heading to Laramie, Wyoming now! And that place has been known to get snow on July 4th. And the part that will be hard there is not only that it gets cold but along with that it can be very windy there so that will make it even more cold! Well it has been a good 7 months in Sterling and now it is time to go to a new area!  

 Well this week was a cool week I had a very neat experience. So one night we went over to D_ house to see him. And D_ wanted to talk to me about somethings. He has been working on his mission papers and he just cant see himself going on a mission at all and he wanted to know how it will all work out. So he told me he had been praying and asking for answers to what will happen. And he felt he should read D&C 12 and 14 so he did and he did not understand why he was suppose to read those sections. So he ask me to read them and tell him what I feel they are saying. So I read 12 and 14 and then the Lord took over from there! And I just started to speak and it was like I was not even there it was the Lord in me and I was sitting on the side. And then after I finished D_ was just crying cause as to how powerful the spirit was and then he said, Elder Urry what just happen you just said 3 or 4 things I have not ever told you about me and you were right on the point with them. You called me by my full name and then after that you were not you. So I told D_, what just happen was the Lord said all of that, not me, I had no idea what I was saying, words just were coming and I said them and the Lord was like He was whispering in my ear what to say! Then I said one more thing, I invited him to pray again, but this time to ask for confidence in the Lord and the answers He gives you, do not question just listen to Him! And I promise you things will happen! 

 So the next day he called and ask to speak to me, and said thanks Elder Urry you were right I prayed last night and now I know I will go on a mission!! I told him dont thank me thank your Heavenly Father He was the one talking yesterday and I was just His mouth peace!

 I know things can happen if we are worthy and the Lord can trust us! But we need to have faith in Him for those things to happen. Not only did D_ find something out that night, I did too. That is the wonderful part of the spirit when we teach by it we both can learn from Him. I know that night it was the Lord speaking to D_. I said things that were very bold, that Jeff Urry would not say to someone or Even Elder Urry. I was not talking that night it was the Lord through me! 
I love what I do, and I share what I share cause it brings me joy and and I only hope and pray that it will bring joy to someone that reads this!    

I love you all and the Lord loves you even more He is the father of our spirits and is always there for you and me, trust me I do know that for a fact. And you dont have to trust me you can go to the Lord and ask Him in faith and He will tell you through the spirit!

Love Elder Urry

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