Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter #31 2-9-2015 Sterling Colorado

Hey Everyone!!

 There have been a lot of challenges these last few months but I love being out here on my mission, it is making me a better person and helping me realize how lucky I am to have the people I have in my life that do care for me and how valuable they really are. We become stronger through trials and tests in life. Even though trials are no fun we are all trying to become better people. The Lord helps us through family, friends and hard times because these things make us stronger. 

For example on trials, take when you work out, the muscle first tears and becomes weaker, and then it heals back together and you become stronger. But to keep that you have to keep working out and doing things to keep that strength. We need our spiritual strength and our trainer Jesus Christ knows that we are facing one very heavy max!  And that max is beating Satan and over coming his temptation. We need our scriptures, family, friends to help us through the hard trials. But even in those trials our “spiritual muscles” are being torn.  But there will be a time where the tearing will heal up and make you stronger in life and a better tool for the Lord and a more scary opponent  for the adversary! I know these things are true. 

We have a personal trainer named Jesus Christ and He has been through it and knows how to make us stronger cause no one knows you better than Him. So we need to trust in Him when times are hard! Trust me a mission has taught me that a lot! over and over and over! We are here to become like Him and these are some of the best ways! I love my Savior and His Son Jesus Christ, I could not ask for a better example to look up too!   
 Well Love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder Urry      

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