Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter #29 1-26-2015 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
 Well we had stake conference as well and it was a reminder to me the reasons I came out here! Because G.R.__ (the man i had a chance to teach and see get baptized several months ago) spoke and President Wilson who also was at the lessons for G__, spoke. And seeing G__ speak for me was more special than most cause I was there at the 1st lesson and I have seen him grow since then. And when you are a missionary or at least for me sometimes I don't realize how much people actually look up and respect what you are doing out here. And I saw this in both G__ and President Wilson's talks. Also just seeing someone's life change for the better and watch them become happier is the best thing in the world!!!
 Also there is something I want to talk about it was when President Wilson was talking about trusting the missionary's. He said that what he has learned at this time is you can always trust the missionaries if they are in tune with the Spirit of the Lord. Because in his words "sometimes you might be a little scared to trust them but I have learned you can trust them because one of the missionary's teaching G__ at the time was 2 months out and very green behind the ear's." (aka me) haha! 
But this is a true statement for anyone if we are being lead by the spirit and we follow those prompting's we cant go wrong. But there is opposition in all thing's and that is what make's that choice so hard to make sometimes! So we need to fortify our spirit like Moroni in Alma 50 does.  He fortifies his city before going to war. If we are prepared we will put up a better fight, and win with the Lord on our side. It is when we are weak and down that we fail and when the advisory comes full steam, he will take advantage of us in those weak times. But when times are hard and you feel weak, but don’t give up this is right when the Lord is about to help you do something great in His sight that we may not see at the time.
 Well this week was a great week and I am doing great, I thank you for all you prayers they do help!! And all of you are in my prayers along with the people of the Sterling area. I love you all and wish you the best for this week!!!

Elder Urry

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