Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter #27 1-12-2015 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well my comp is Elder Childress he has been out 3 months and just got finished being trained. He is from Oklahoma. Also he is big into wrestling and is a 5 time national champ.  He also won an international championship in Russia and China so he is really good!!!! He also is a hard worker so that is great! But he has come from a very different background. He was in the adoption agency for the 1st 15 years of his life. And then one day he got some mail from someone, who, to this day he has not met. And it was a Book of Mormon. He decided to read it and after that he found his dad’s uncle in Utah and they adopted him and so after that he was baptized.
 Well this week was very cool!! Not many people that serve a mission can say in their first six months they have met 2 apostles. And the 2 I have met is Elder Cook and Elder Bednar. Well Elder Bednar came Friday. And when he go up he said I am not here to give a talk, I want to have a discussion with you Elders and Sisters. And I am not here to teach you we are here to be taught be the spirit. We all said things and he would let us bring up the topics and talk about them. And for most of the time we talked about discerning the spirit and what we need to do and how we need to act on promptings.  He also talked about when we go to Heavenly Father in prayer we need to give Him a plan and be ready to act on what ever He gives us. So pretty much every missionary that raised his hand to speak got to have a conversation with Elder Bednar. And let me tell you having a conversation with Elder Bednar was really cool.  
 The thing that stands out to me was he was talking about at church, sometimes, when we give a closing prayer, we might say "Dear Heavenly Father bless those who are not here today to come next week"... then he said DON'T DO THAT! What you should be praying for is that everyone in the congregation, before they go home for the day, stop and think of someone who was not at church, and then go visit them. (Then they also need to pray that everyone doesn’t go to the same house! haha!)  So it’s up to us to put forth effort and listen to the promptings to go visit someone who wasn’t at church. 
Think of it this way, say you want to get stronger and get in shape and you go to the Lord and tell Him this, He wants you to do your part and then He will bless you. But if you say this and then just go sit on the coach and watch TV all day and eat bad food and all, then you wonder way He has not answered your prayers!  It’s because we NEED to DO OUR PART. We are here to be tested in this life and to become like our Father in Heaven. He well help but He still wants us to learn. He loves us but He can not do everything for us we need to, in the words of one of my favorite Zone Leaders, “buck up and push through” and become stronger in what we are learning cause doing it ourselves is the best way to learn even when it can be hard. 
I know this is true and with the last transfer going through such a hard time it makes me want to become better. 
And like Elder Holland talked about one time, sometimes we need to turn left and hit a dead end and know we went the wrong way in order for us to be confident in the path we are going when we turn around and fix our path. 
This is one of the hardest thing I have learned on my mission and I have gone to our Savior a lot for help but what I also have learned is we need to go to Him with a plan in mind like the Brother of Jared  (Ether Chapter 3).
 Well love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!  

Love Elder Urry                

 It's tradition that at 6 months out
on your mission that you burn a tie!!

Colorado Winter!

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