Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter #26 1-5-2015 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
 Well transfers are tomorrow and I am staying in Sterling and Elder Stone will be heading to Fort Collins.
 Well this week was good so let me tell you about what happened. Well yesterday G_ ask us to come over and visit with him, well we showed up a little early and his friend was over so I started talking to him and his name was R_ and well that conversation lead into a lesson and now we will be seeing him every week on Sunday at 2:30pm. Well yesterday was a great lesson and G_ may only have been in the church for a short time but his testimony is so strong and powerful. 
 Well we also got three referrals to go see some people who want to hear about the church and the cool thing here is most people that we have success with are people just out of Jail or Prison. And so this week we got one referral to the Akron Jail about 30 minutes from us. And we are going to ask President Brown and the Jail if we could see him during his visiting time cause that is what he did when he was in jail before. But some of the people that may look the most scary and far from coming to any church are the ones that are the strongest here! So never think someone wont accept listening cause they just might!  
 Well this week has been good and i look forward to seeing my new comp tomorrow. Well this transfer will go to February 17th and I am scared for the day I have to leave Sterling cause the town is so nice and so many great people! I will be here for 7 1/2 months at least now so that is so cool and the ward thought I was leaving for sure but they are glade I am not! 
Well love you and hope you have a fun week!
Love Elder Urry

PS:  The Mission home got a new address here it is:

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
500 HillSpire Drive
Windsor, CO 80550

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